Blossom Dreams: The Spring Collection from Essence

Hey guys! I’m sorry this post is up late, I was planning on having it published yesterday, but the pressroom was down and I couldn’t access my information. Anywho, today we’re going to be talking about the new spring collection from our favorite drugstore brand, Essence. This collection will be available beginning in March, a few weeks after the big update collection comes out. (I have a 6-Part series detailing that launch under the Essence tag if you missed it!). So we’ve got quite a few gorgeous products to discuss, so let’s jump in!
Highlighter and Blush Brush

This gorgeous brush is designed to give you perfect application of blush and highlighter. It has dense bristles to ensure a beautiful wash of color for brush and flawless application of highlighter. Look at those bristles! Who doens’t love pink brushes?! This retails for 2,79 and comes with a cute little pouch.

Two new shades of blush, 01 call me coral and 02 kiss from a rose. These are both cool-toned rosey pink blushes with a decent amount of shimmer. Normally, shimmer blushes aren’t my thing, but a smooth application can enhance that gorgeous Spring glow. Plus, the colors are both jaw-dropping! Yay for cool tones! These retail for 3,29€.
Liquid Eyebrow Lifter

This is a liquid brow bone highlight with what I’m assuming is going to be a doe-foot applicator. It comes in one shade, 01 just gimmie the light! We all know how I feel about cream highlighters, so this one is going to be an in-store swatcher before I decide. It looks pretty enough, but only specific eye looks call for a pink brow highlight. This will retail for 2,49€.
Chrome Eyeliner Pens

Retractable metallic eyeliners in two shades, 01 of petals and pearls and 02 do you hear the chirping birds? What is up with these extra long product names Essence? Give us a break! These are reported to have an extra creamy formula for easy application, so we’ll have to give that a test. I’m really only interested in the purple shade, mostly because I have 1000 white liners in my collection already. These will retail for 1,99€.
Eyeshadow Palette

Another gorgeous palette from Essence, this time with all spring-esque colors. You get 5 shades in the palette, with a retail price of 3,49€. So if we break that down, divide the price by the number of shades, you get 0.70 cent for each shadow. Not bad! Essence palettes always impress me, so let’s hope this one is no different!
Velvet Lip Pencil

I have to admit, and you guys know I’m always honest with you, how is this a lip pencil? Does it not look like a gloss or a liquid lippie to you? I guess it may end up being a chubby stick, which would strongly dissapoint me as I have semi-small lips and chubby sticks just make a mess. Anywho, there are two shades launching, 01 kiss from a rose and 02 call me coral. I guess you can match them with the blushes? These will retail for 2,29€.
Volumizing Lipgloss

Ah, lipgloss. The (sometimes) bane of my existence. This is a volumizing formula to plump up your lips while giving you a glossy finish. I can imagine my lips being sticky and I’m ready to gag. It is only available in one color, 01 the whisper of spring. It will retail for 2,29€.
Nail Pigments

Okay, these are new and amazing! I’ve never seen anything like this from a drugstore brand before. These are powders that you rub on top of light colored polish for different effects. The first is an iridescent effect which reflects with pastel tones, perfect for spring! And the second is a mirror effect. How cool are these! It is suggested that you apply them with your fingers and finish with a topcoat. The shades are 01 rosy reflections and 02 mirror, mirror, on my nails…. and they retail for 2,49€.
Nail Oil

This is a two-phase nail care oil with sweet almond oil and vitamin C to get rid of excess oil and clean and care for your nails and cuticles. It is available in one shade, 01 smells like spring spirit and retails for 2,29€.
Waterbased Top Coat

This is the topcoat that belongs with the nail pigments. It is specially formulated to make them last longer and give them a glossy look. It comes in one shade, 01 set the look, and retails for 2,29€.
Scented Nail File

Okay, I’m so sorry Essence, but talk about EXTRA. This is a cute idea, but I find it extremely unneccessary. Anyway, its a 2in1 nail file that smells like flowers when you file your nails with it. Silly at its best! It comes in one…scent? 01 smells like spring spirit and will retail for 1,29€.
Rainbow Highlighter

And here we are again with the rainbow highlighters…Essence literally launched one of these with their spring and summer collection update. I didn’t get the hype then, and I don’t get it now. Anywho, it comes in one shade, 01 prism of light, and will retail for 3,29€.
So that’s all for this collection. Are you excited for spring? What do you change in your daily makeup routine for the warmer months? Let me know below! Thanks for reading, xo’s!

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