Catrice and Essence Vegan Update

Hallo Zusammen! As you may recall, in my last view reviews of Catrice, I stated that I could find no information on if the products they produce are vegan, and I also couldn’t find an ingredient list. I sent an email to the company regarding this issue, and they finally wrote me back. The email is in German, so I will translate it for my English speaking readers. Here is the original email:
Here is the English translation:
Hello Amanda,
Thank you very much for your question about „Vegan Cosmetics “. During the production of our makeup products, we don’t use any substances that come directly from animals; for example, extracts of placentas or animal fats. So-called animal by-products like beeswax, silk, lanolin (fat naturally found in sheep’s wool), and the natural color Cochenille (CI 75470) are used in our products. We are not using raw material from animals like pig, calf, sheep or goat except by-products previously mentioned. All the ingredients have to go through intensive quality control that are based on the international standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). Because of the fact we use by-products, we do not declare our products to be Vegan. This is also the reason we cannot send you a list of all of our Vegan products. If you would like to know about a certain product, we can check the ingredients for animal by-products and let you know. We hope we answered your question, and we are here for you if you have any more. Greetings from Sulzbach, Your Essence Team.
It seems a little confusing because the email came from Catrice support, but is signed by Essence support. Both of these brands are controlled and made by the same people. So, in summary, Catrice and Essence are not Vegan companies. They use animal by-products in production. I am really sorry if this turns you off to these brands, but I do have some good news. Although these two brands are not vegan, on both websites they state that they do not test on animals. I will insert a snippit from both sites here:
 Also on the Essence website there are 12 FAQ’s about their stance on animal testing. Here is the link if you’d like to check that out:
And here is the snippit from Catrice:
 Basically both of them say they never use animal testing in production of their products. I hope this helps you guys, if you have any other questions about these two brands or any other, leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to help!

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