Catrice It Pieces Review

Hallo Zusammen! I’ve had such a busy few days testing out all of these new products, and I have to say I’m glad I can take a break for a few days. Now that I’ve given all of these products a good test, I thought I would share my thoughts on them. Overall, I’m on the fence about this collection. A few products were good, but a lot of them fell short of the mark. Let’s get in to the product break down and details.

Up first are the Prêt-à-Lumière Longlasting Eyeshadows. I was not a fan of these. The only color that I liked was the grey one, and the other two had no pigment what so ever. I was able to create a nice grey smokey eye with one color, but when I tried adding the white shade as a highlight on the middle of my lid, and even with 3 coats packed on it barely showed up. The formula on these is nice and creamy, but I can’t get over the pigment issue. These will be added to the permanent collection after this limited edition leaves with more colors; I’ll try those out but my expectations are not high. You get a total weight of 2 grams and 0,7 ounces of product for 3,99€. I cannot find any ingredient lists or vegan labels, and I have yet to receive any answer from the company. As with my last Catrice review I will update that ASAP.
The mascara wasn’t bad, it didn’t do anything amazing, but it wasn’t bad. It didn’t flake or smear, but it didn’t give me amazing volume or length. The formula is nice, it wasn’t too wet, it went on fine. I was able to build it up with my Lash Boost and a mascara base which made it look nice. Like I said, it’s not the best mascara I’ve used but it’s also not the worst. You get 11 ml/0,37 fl oz for 4,49€.
These are the same formulation of liquid lipsticks that Catrice has always had, just in two different colors. They are not matt and will not stay on your lips for more time than a normal lipstick. You have to layer these to get pigment, and the formula is a little bit sticky. Other than that, these are fine. I like the colors and I want to try out the rest of them when they come out this fall. You get 5 ml/0,16 fl oz for 3,99€.
I’m just going to say it: I HATE these lip artists. I have only tried one of them, and before you freak out on me, let me tell you why. These are supposed to give you 6 hours of wear. I got 03 minutes of wear after drinking some tea through a STRAW. I’ll insert a photo of what happened when I wore this lipstick:

This is ridiculous! I didn’t shove food into my mouth, I drank through a straw. I ended up with lipstick all over me because of these stupid things. Never again, they have gone back to the store. If you want messy lipstick that will give out on you after 30 minutes, you get 3 grams total weight and 0,10 ounces of product for 4,99€.
I wasn’t all that impressed with these highlighters, they are awfully powdery and a little bit too subtle for my liking. They don’t have pigment, so I don’t know why they released 3 colors. Sure, a cheap highlighter palette is nice, but if it doesn’t do anything why bother? The powderyness made these show all the texture on my skin also. I’ll pass on the next highlighters Catrice comes out with and stick with other brands who can actually deliver what I need from a highlight. Sorry to be so negative, but this is just another collection that is disappointing to me. I really want to love this brand and these products, but when they deliver stuff like this, I just can’t. Sorry!
You get 10 grams/0.35 oz for 4,49€.
The polishes aren’t that new either, just new colors. Normal Catrice formula. The colors are beautiful, and with two coats you can get a really nice manicure for a nice price. These get a pass from me, perfect shades for Autumn! You get 10 ml/0,33 fl oz for 2,79€.
So all in all I didn’t like this collection. Maybe you will, you’ll have to give it a try! It is available until the end of July, and all of these products will be available in the standard collection starting this Autumn.

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