Catrice Networks Collection Review

Hallo Zusammen! So I want to talk about the Networks collection from Catrice. In all honesty I think they really missed the mark with these products. I didn’t really enjoy using any of them for reasons varying from color to packaging fails. Let’s dive in and I’ll go more into detail.
I had the hardest time getting my hands on these eyeshadows. I was at DM the day this collection came out and everything except NudeNETisfaction was already sold out, and they didn’t restock. So I took to my trusty source and searched for the other two shadows. Thank goodness they had both in stock. Before I received my package from Kosmetik4less, I played around with NudeNETisfaction. I was extremely disappointed in the color pay off! I couldn’t get even a smudge of color no matter what brush I used. Of course when I used my finger it was no problem, however I cannot always use my finger if I’m doing someone else’s makeup, right? I had the same issue with the other two shades. Mint Mashup and Meltdown Brown. They lack pigment and are hard to work with. I wouldn’t repurchase these unless they get a reformulation.
I cannot give an honest review for this lipbalm because once again, it was sold out. Plus, I’m not a balm person anyhow, I prefer my liquid lipsticks. However the color is pretty, I’m sure its sheer, but pretty nonetheless.
I swatched this blush in the store, and much like the shadows, the pigment was lacking. I didn’t even bother to pick it up and give it a real test. I don’t have time for non-existent pigment in blushes or anything else. If it won’t show up on my hand, it won’t show up on my cheek!
This was the biggest disappointment in this entire collection. Don’t get me wrong; the powder was all well and good. The packaging on this product drives me nuts. It has that weird little net in the center that is supposed to disperse the product. However, it didn’t go quite so smoothly. I tapped and tapped and tapped…and banged…and shook..and did backflips trying to get this powder to come out. Considering its a loose powder, I wanted to use it for baking. When I couldn’t get enough powder to lightly coat my cheek, I knew it was a fail. This is just a no go for me, I think I might try to get the powder into another container so it doesn’t go to waste.
Once again I didn’t buy the 5 nail polishes that come in this collection, the colors are nice but they aren’t anything special. They are the normal formula, just different colors.
The multi-tasking brush was nice and soft, and I’m sure it would do it’s job. However; I have around 300 makeup brushes, and to keep my costs down I try not to buy anymore unless they’re super duper special.
The nail stickers are cute, but once again not my thing. I can’t really imagine wearing a net on my nails, but I’m sure someone likes them.
So just to sum up: I didn’t like this collection. I’m hoping the new collections coming out this month will surprise me. Did you have a different experience? Leave me a comment below! Live swatches are available on my YouTube, the link is in the side bar!

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