Catrice Retrospetive: A 60’s Flashback

Hallo Zusammen! Today in beauty news, Catrice is releasing a new collection inspired by the 1960’s. Cat-Eye glasses, Tye-Dye shirts and mini skirts are coming back in style. This isn’t a big release, so today’s post is going to be a bit short. I promise over the weekend I’ll make up for it, with my new series on the p2 brand update! Let’s get in to the product break down.
First up are wet and dry shadows. You can use these wet for an intense look, or dry for a soft, powdery finish. I’m not too impressed with the colors here, the champagne is nice but I just have so many of the exact same shade in my collection. I would still like to check out the formula, so maybe I’ll pick one up to see how different the wet to dry really is. These come in 3 shades, C01 60’s Sense, C02 Blue Flashback and C03 Nostalgic Grey. I don’t have a photo of the grey shade, I’m sorry!
C01 GREYeliner
I stopped using liquid liner (at least the version that comes in a tube with the little brush) back in 8th grade. I switched to pencil and now I use cat eye pens mostly. So this liquid liner isn’t that exciting to me. There is only one shade, C01 GREYeliner.
Now this is something I can get excited about, liquid lipsticks! I really like both of these shades, and if the formula is good you know I can’t pass it up. These dry matt, although they do not give a wear-time guarantee. I’ll be giving it a test, and I’ll update on my review post. These come in two shades, C01 Return To REDtro and C02 Retro Rosiness.
This blush has an interesting design, and I’m not totally sure about the color scheme. It does however look like you get a ton of product, but that might just be the photo I have. According to the press release, the dark berry tone is well-complimented by the pink and rosé shades. I don’t read anything about shimmer or matt qualities, so I guess we’ll have to see. Available in c01 Retro Rosiness.
And last (and probably least for me) are the nail polishes. These are not anything special, just limited edition colors with a shiny finish. Available in C01 60’s Sense, C02 P(R)ETROL, C03Blue Flashback, C04 Return To REDtro and C05 Retro Rosiness.
That’s it for this collection, what is your favorite decade? Leave me a comment below!

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