Catrice Sounds of Silence Collection Review

Hallo Zusammen! I finally finished testing out this collection earlier today; I’ve had so many new things to test out this last week my brain is still spinning. Anyway, as for general thoughts, I would give this one a 6/10. Some of the products amazed me, and others completely disappointed me. There was no in between with this collection. Let’s get in to the product break down, and I’ll dish out the details.
As I predicted in my first post, I didn’t like these eyeshadow sticks. They were lovely when I swatched them on my hand, but on my eyes they lacked pigment totally. The mauve color does have a gorgeous golden sheen to it, and the pigment is okay, but the other two shades were awful. None of them blend well, and if you can get them to blend, any hint of color is gone. You get 2,5 g/0,08 oz for 3,95€. I cannot find any information online about these products being Vegan or not. I can’t get my hands on an ingredient list either, so I’m emailing the company and I will post an update as soon as I get a reply.
I did really like this this eyeliner. It has a creamy texture and the pigmentation is amazing. It’s super metallic and golden, it almost looks like painting real gold on your lids. It has a tendency to be a little bit drying, but if that doesn’t bother you it should be fine. You don’t get a lot of product in here, the total weight of the pencil is 0,5 grams, but you only get 0,1 ounces of product in the pencil. It costs 3,25€ and again, I can’t find out if it’s vegan or not.
The lipstick was just fine, it lacked a little bit too much pigment. The golden core gives your lips a nice little highlight in the middle, and with a liner filling your lips it can look really nice, however, alone it just doesn’t give me enough color. The formula is nice and creamy, but remember its not a liquid lipstick, so you won’t get much wear out of it. The total weight is 3,5 grams, and you get 0,0123 ounces of product and it costs 3,95€.
If you read my first post, you would have seen how excited I was about this blush and bronzer. My excitement was let down a little bit by the bronzer. It looks really nice in the packaging, but its a little bit orange on my skin. It’s still wearable, but not as wearable as I thought it would be. The blush is a nice cool toned pink, however they both have a little bit of shimmer which we have discussed before. I’m going to keep it around, but I won’t be my everyday go to. You get 9,95 grams total weight, and 0,35 ounces of product for 4,95€.
I was also pretty excited about this fluid glow, and I was let down just a little bit. I haven’t tried it on its own yet, but mixed in with foundation you can’t really tell that it’s there. It is a bronzey color, and a nice glow. When you mix it in you can’t see the bronze, and it doesn’t change the color of the foundation which is nice. I think I’ll try adding more drops and see how that works out, and I’m also planning on trying it on the high-points of my cheeks just by itself. I’ll post an update soon! You get 14 ml/0,47 fl oz for 3,95€.
I really like these polishes. The pink one has a really nice opacity and a gorgeous color when you apply two coats. The other colors are just as nice, with a great formula. A+ from this blogger! You get 10 ml/0,33 fl oz for 2,75€.
This collection is available for the rest of July, and there will be live swatches on my YouTube soon (link in sidebar!)
What did you think of this collection? What was your favorite piece? Let me know below!

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