Catrice Sounds of Silence Collection

Hallo Zusammen! I love being a blogger. Mostly because I get insider knowledge about some really exciting things before anyone else. Which means I can share it with you! Catrice is another drugstore brand that I’m typically quite fond of. They are a little bit pricier than Essence, however the quality almost always pulls through. This July, Catrice is releasing a few new collections, which I will discuss in another post. For now let’s cover these beauties: The Sound of Silence collection. This isn’t a huge launch, but there are a nice handful of products to discuss.
First up are some new eyeshadow sticks, which I am not all too excited about. I’ve been let down but Catrice’s attempts at stick shadows before, but nonetheless I’m going to give these ones a try. They come in 3 matt shades; Calm down `n´ Mauve On, Pure Silence and mudITATION. (Mauve, light pink and a lighter pink.) It appears that these are in marker form, with a clear cap and a sponge-like applicator. I’m liking the color scheme on this collection, hopefully the formula will work out!
Next up we have another eye product- gel liner! Well, gel liner in a pencil form. It comes in one color; Golden Spirit. I’m always a fan of creamy liners, especially when they come in fun colors. It also comes in a roll-up style package, which means no annoying pencil shavings!
Like I don’t already own enough lipsticks, but this color is drop dead gorgeous! Golden Spirit; I don’t know how I feel about the name. I really wish someone could get the creative juices flowing and come up with some more original names. But anyway, this is a shimmery finish lipstick, hopefully not falling too far on the chunky glitter side. I’ll have to try this one out, because if the formula is good, I can’t pass this color up!
This next product reminds me a lot of the Too Faced soul mates bronzer. It’s beautiful; the swirled design and the color palette are perfect. I’m hoping the shimmer won’t be too overpowering, because as we know I can’t stand glittery bronzer. The blush looks like it would work even for a ghost like me, so this is a product I’m really excited about.
I can already tell this is going to be my favorite product in this entire launch. Glow fluid! A ton of high-end brands already have these liquid highlighters, but I have never seen a drugstore brand (at least in Germany) release one. Now we all know my feelings on liquid highlighters, but this one claims to go under foundation, mixed in with foundation or on top of it. Pretty large claims for a drugstore brand! I love the pipette packaging on this product, I find it really helpful for getting the right amount of product as apposed to a squeeze tube. Available in Golden Spirit. Again with the names!
And rounding up this release are (of course) nail lacquers. I really like the colors in this range, however I have a feeling the opacity will leave something to be desired. I find that to be the case with most polishes, though. Perhaps I’ll be surprised. Available in  4 colors: Calm Down ‘n’ MAUVE On (mauve), Touched By Peace(pink), mudITATION(nude)and Quietude(shimmer nude).
As per usual as soon as I pick up and test out this release I will post a review on my reviews page. Are you excited about this new release? I know I am!

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