Contourious by Catrice

Hallo Zusammen! This post may be a tad but early, I’m just too excited to not post about it! This collection doesn’t hit stores until August of this year, but who doesn’t love contouring! Everything from cream to powder contour gets me excited. I’m always looking for that perfect shade to match my paper-white skin. I own quite a few contour products, but you can never have enough, right?
These palettes are really intriguing me. I own the cream and the powder contour kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills, but I find the cream shades to far too dark and the powders don’t impress me that much. Currently I’m using a combination of the p2 Sunshine Goddess contour stick and the NYX contouring palette, which are doing just fine. I’m also looking for new products, though, and especially when they come with a blush, contour and highlight shade. For the drugstore price tag, you really can’t go wrong. But then again, will the formula be worth getting excited over?  I’ll have to give it a test and make sure to report back. It comes in 2 shades; Pale Perfectionist and  Almond Architect.
Coming in with the powder palettes, Catrice is also releasing a cream contour kit. The it only comes in one shade, with what appears to be a concealer and a contour shade. I’m not entirely sure if this one is going to work for me, that contour shade seems pretty dark. I’ll give it an in-store swatch, but I can’t promise I’ll be able to do a full on review. Available in Each & Every Cream.
Ah highlight sticks. How many times have I said I can’t stand cream highlighters? More than I can count. Yet here I am getting ready to purchase another one. Perhaps the formula won’t remove my foundation like my other ones have, maybe they have finally figured it out! Of course this will get an in-store swatch before it ever touches my face, but it’s still something to look forward to if it works out the way I’m hoping (and dreaming!) Only one shade available; Gentle Glow.
Lip Contour and Color, hmm. I’ve seen a lot of posts on Instagram about contouring the lips, but I’ve never really given it a go. These, however, I think are just named to go along with the collection. From what I gather they are lip pencils and lip glosses all in one stick. Pretty cool huh? It comes in only two colors; Rosewood and Nude.
Brow pencils! Am I sensing a dupe for the ABH brow wiz? It even comes with a spoolie on one end! This is exciting. Brow products are always useful, especially with thin brows like mine. And it’s always fun to switch up your brow routine. The formula is supposedly super creamy and the pencil is super thin. I can’t wait to try these! Available in PrecEYES Ash and PrecEYES Brown.
What do you think about strobing? I don’t know much about it, but that certainly doesn’t mean I’ll pass on another highlighter! It does look a little bit pink to be a highlight, but it’s still worth a try! Available in one shade: Strobing Supreme.
And lastly comes a new brush, specifically for contouring. It has the same basic shape as any other contour brush. It comes in a cute little case, one side is longer than the other and its the same type of hair that Catrice uses for all of their brush releases. I’m going to give it a try just because of the slight difference in the shape from the contour brushes I have from NARS and a few other brands.
That wraps it up for this new collection! I’ll have live swatches and reviews on my YouTube channel ASAP. (Link in side bar.) Do you love contouring? What are your favorite products? Let me know below!

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