Essence The Beach House Review

Hallo Zusammen! Today I’d like to discuss a collection that Essence came out with a few weeks ago. I picked it up at DM last week and I’ve been testing it out ever since. As per usual live swatches are available on my YouTube channel, the link is available in the side bar! To sum up my thought on this collection, I don’t like it. I didn’t like anything about it. Let’s get in to some details.
These eyeshadows are just so disappointing. There is absolutely no color pay off, no matter if you swirl it with the white or just try to use the middle color. I tried to do an eye look with both of these shadows and ended up having to switch to a Too Faced palette to even finish my makeup. They are also the most powdery shadows I’ve ever used. I’m really not impressed. They come in build me a sandcastle!(brownish green) and sea you soon!(pink).
I don’t really mind these lipsticks, they just aren’t anything that special. Same formula as always, the only difference is the lighter “core”, but it doesn’t do anything. The lipsticks have a sheer formula, with a regular finish. The colors are nice but again, nothing new or exciting. I’m already bored from talking about these, let’s move on. They come in 2 colors: beachy keen(dark pink) and a summer kinda girl(light pink).
The blush is just fine. It has a lot of pigment, so use a light hand if you decide to pick it up. I wish I could take some pigment out of the blush and give it to the eyeshadows! I really like the color of this blush, its a nice light peach. It’s got a matt finish, and you all know I love that. All in all this is one of the only products in the line that I like. The best of a bad situation, I suppose. The color is called give me vitamin sea!.
This next product I didn’t even bother to pick up after I gave it the in-store swatch test. It’s advertised as a liquid bronzer, however it’s literally just liquid glitter. I put a drop on the back of my hand and blended it out. The orangey-bronze color was blended away and all that was left was a splotchy patch of white glitter. We all know how I feel about overly glittery products. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with a light skin tone unless you already tan or use self tanner, and even then I would be careful because it can stain orange. If you love orange tinted glitter liquid, this one is for you! Comes in one color; girls just wanna have sun.
There isn’t much to say about this brush, the hairs are soft and its a nice little Kabuki brush. I didn’t pick it up because I find no use for it. It’s a nice little beginners brush, and for a good price!
These are just normal tip guides with fancy packaging. I’ve used Essences’ tip guides before, and I’ve always found them to rip off any kind of polish I had underneath it, even with almost a full day to dry. I wouldn’t recommend these, scotch tape does a much better job without disturbing the polish or base coat underneath!
I’m honestly confused about these polishes. The blue seems fine, a matt finish is always nice. However, the white polish with a “sea salt” effect? Who wants salt on their nails?! I know I don’t. The other two are a wet shine effect, which sounds like a normal shiny polish. I didn’t buy any of these as per usual, but I wasn’t interesting in having salty nails. They come in beachy keen(dark pink, wet shine),  a summer kinda girl(light pink, wet shine), sandy toes & salty kisses(white, sea salt effect) and splish splash(blue, matt).
Lastly is this little beach bag. There isn’t much to say about it, it’s a cute bag and practical for a day at the beach.
So that’s it for this collection, as you can read I’m pretty disappointed in this one. Can’t wait for the next one!

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