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Hallo Zusammen! Today Essence released some new info on their August collection! It’s called “Try it, Love it!”. There are a ton of really exciting products coming out with this collection; the only problem is we have to wait until August to get our hands on it! There is a lot to cover on this new release, so let’s get in to the product break down.

I am SO excited to finally see Essence release another eye palette! I love their shadows, and I collect their palette. This one is probably the biggest I’ve ever seen from them, it comes with 7 shadows! These differ between matt, slight shimmer and metallic finishes, which is super awesome in a drug store palette. The colors look so pretty, I can’t wait to add this to my collection! The palettes name is 1… 2… 3 smile!.
Out with the palette come these new eyeshadow duos. I believe they are the same formula as Essences’ other shadows, just different colors put together to contour the eyes. They come in 3 shades mauve meets marshmallows, brownies with frosting and roses meet mahogany. I think they are pretty, so I’ll pick up all 3 and give them a test for you guys!
More mascaras to play with! I’m usually pretty impressed with Essences’ mascaras, and these look amazing. The brushes remind me of some of the higher-end drugstore brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline. These appear to be part of a new lash line called “The False Lashes”. Dramatic Volume Unlimited is a fiber brush that is designed to give false lash volume, while Extreme Volume and Curl is designed to curl lashes into that false lash look. They both come in only black.
Lip products are always fun to experiment with. These look like a reformulation of previous matt lipsticks, but the colors are to die for! The names are:  perfect match(nude), pink up your life (fuchsia)  and it’s a statement (dark red/brown).
It’s a statement looks like the perfect shade for me, I love dark lips in Autumn! They are reportedly light-weight and creamy with an extra matt finish.
2in-1 Makeup and Concealer is something I’m on the skeptical side about. I always put concealer on after my foundation, and unless this foundation has some super amazing coverage, I don’t think that will change. Another thing that worries me about this is the shade names all have “beige” in them. I have cool undertones, and beige never works for me. I don’t like the idea of only certain people being able to try these new products out, but I’ll give it the in-store swatch test and report back. Available in ivory beige, nude beige and honey beige.
Along with the release of new liquid foundation comes these new 2in-1 powder foundations. They have the same names just one more added:, ivory beige, nude beige, vanilla beige and honey beige. I probably won’t be able to use these either, but as with the liquid I’ll test them out in-store. They have the coverage of a foundation, but the light-weight feel of a powder, according to the press release.
I love blush, especially when its a reasonable price. It’s hard to find shades that work well for me because of my complexion, but the rosewood shade looks like it might be the perfect Autumn blush for my pale skin! They reformulated these to make them silky-smooth and creamy, with a fair amount of pigment. Use a light hand or you’ll end up looking like a clown! Available in Satin Coral and Satin Love.
New gel nail polishes are also being released in three new shades. These will be added to the permanent collection. I have always had an issue using the gel system from Essence. The colors are beautiful and opaque, but the top coat makes the polish peel off my nails in sheets. I won’t be picking these up more than likely, but that dark berry shade is very tempting! The new colors are: more than a feeling(berry), pretty cool life(green) and gossip girl(lavender).
33 where is my crown?
There is also a new top coat coming out, called a Jewelry top coat. It has gold and silveer shimmering particles that are supposed to turn any polish into “a true gem”. I think its pretty enough, but glittery nails are something I’m not insane about. They are just so hard to remove, and you get the little pieces of cotton pad all over them when you try and remove it with polish remover. Annoying!
10 ready, set, glow!
Highlighter time! That’s right, Essence is jumping on the bandwagon with the release of a 3-color Highlighter palette. They have light reflecting pigments with intensive pearl shimmer or bronzed glow. The palette is called ready, set, glow!. Cute name, right? You know me, I  can’t ever pass up a highlighter! This is the second palette being released in August, now that’s exciting!
According to the release, all of these products will be added to the permanent collection after this release. So no need to rush out and get them! As soon as I get my hands on them and give them a good test I’ll put live swatches on my YouTube, link in the side bar!  What do you think? Are you in to Essence Trend Editions? Let me know below!


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