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Hallo Zusammen! More exciting news to share- we’re getting a SECOND August/September collection from Essence. I’m really liking the whole “2 collections a month” thing recently, even though my wallet is starting to protest a little bit. But who can pass up this adorable packaging, am I right? I love the idea of a tropical collection; I can finally experience the tropics without having to risk myself in  the sun. Yay!
Let’s get in to the product break down, I just can’t wait to tell you about it!
First up we have these 3 new shades of eyeshadow. They all have an iridescent, holographic finish. How cool! I’m really liking the blue and the pink, I’m a little on the fence about the brown shade. I want to give it a swatch test, but I’m not super hopeful. I don’t know why; I can’t put my finger on exactly why I’m skeptical about it. I do really like the idea of holographic eyeshadow though! The colors are called you can, toucan(brown), queen of the amazons(blue)and apricot cockatoo(pink).
These cooling lipsticks remind me of the ones that came out with the Summer Fun collection. They are mint scented and are supposed to have a “cooling finish”. To me, it kind of sounds like the same formula as the earlier version, just packed into twist tubes instead of a bottle. But I could always be wrong. The colors are really pretty, they look like tropical flowers which I like. They are called Pink Parrot and Apricot Cockatoo.
At first, I thought the Lip Glow was just a clear gloss, until I realized it is another product that matches to your pH level! I love product like this, the idea of one product being individual to every person who wears it really excites me. Unfortunately, my pH level usually turns up as a neon-pink, which isn’t flattering on my skin tone. I’ll still give it a try, it’s always fun to try out new lip products! Comes in one color: Lily’s Kiss.
This blush is one of the prettiest Essence products I’ve ever seen. I love the gradient effect, it reminds me so much of a sunset. I can’t wait to try this out. And I know this doesn’t have much to do with the product, but the colors of the blush inside the gorgeous packaging is just to die for. This is going to be a beautiful addition to my collection, I’m even going to put it on display! It comes in one color: My Heart is Beating like a Jungle Drum.
4 different polishes, 4 different finishes. The green comes with an oil-slick effect,  a shiny apricot effect, metallic purple with a foil finish and pink with a holographic shimmer. I really want to try the metallic purple, I have never tried a foil finish polish before. The holographic shimmer is also intriguing, I think this whole set is going to be really cool. The color are: liana’s in the jungle(green), apricot cockatoo(apricot) queen of the amazons(purple) and pink parrot(pink).
Body and Cuticle tattoos; something I probably won’t be picking up. My boss probably wouldn’t be into me having bird and jungle tattoos all over me. They are really cute though! These are also holographic. Comes in one set, “Feel The Jungle Vibes”.
These hair ties are SO cute. I really wish I had longer hair so that I could use then. Maybe I can craft them in to some kind of clip so I can wear it! Not very practical for every day, but still so adorable!
And last but not least, another perfume is being released with this collection. I hope this one smells better than the last! It comes with it’s own jungle-print box, Essence is really stepping up their packaging game! I can’t wait to test this out!
This collection comes out in August and will be available until September.  It is available in these countries: Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Australia, Ireland, Finland, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay, Algeria, Bahrain, Israel, Malta, Qatar, Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates.
Are you excited for this collection to come out? What is your favorite product? Let me know below!

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