Feur, Wasser, Luft & Erde Collection from Alverde

Hallo Zusammen! Today I’m going to share with you some information on a new collection from Alverde. Alverde is a brand that (I believe) is only sold at DM and on dm.de. I have used a few products from previous lines, and I wasn’t impressed. In fact, two of those products were in my Products I Regret Buying video. (YouTube link in sidebar!) Nonetheless, I want to check this one out. This collection is called the Feuer, Wasser, Luft & Erde (fire, water, air and earth) collection Let’s get in to the product break down.
So first up we have some eyeshadows, 3 new colors. One thing that always bugs me about products is when they have numbers instead of names. I don’t know why, but it really ticks me off. Especially when I’m trying to tell someone what color or shade I’m wearing.
“What color is your lipstick?”
“Oh, 20.”
Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Anyway, these are all natural, mineral powders with a lightweight texture. I really hope these aren’t as powdery as some of the other products I’ve tried from this brand. I suppose we shall see! The colors (numbers) are 10, 20 and 30. Top to bottom on the photo.
I love mascara, and I can’t wait to try this one out. It’s supposed to be a creamy and light-weight mascara that gives volume and length. It only comes in one color, Alverde isn’t a brand that doesn’t do crazy colors. The brush appears to be a normal mascara wand, so nothing too exciting to report there. This one doesn’t have a name or a number!
These colors absolutely right up my alley. They are perfect for Autumn, perfectly dark and vampy. These colors always compliment my skin tone, and I really can’t wait to get my hands on them. They are infused with Jojoba oil, so they are extra nourishing and hydrating. I can’t wait to test out the formula! From top to bottom the numbers are 010, 020, and 030.
Along with the lipsticks comes the matching lip glosses. If these are as pigmented as they look, I’ll be one happy blogger. The colors are just to die for, and even if you want to just wear them alone they will be gorgeous! They have ginger extract and are infused with cocoa butter and jojoba oil, what a list of ingredients! All of these products are natural and cruelty free, also they are organically farmed. This is definitely a brand you can feel good about buying!
Ooh! A fixing spray! I really hope this is as good as it seems, I am always running out of fixing spray, and I try to be a little tight-handed with my Fix+. This spray is packed with lots of extracts that will refresh your skin and make your makeup look amazing. Calendula, Kiwi and pineapple, plus caffeine! This one is definitely getting a test. If it works, for the amazing price, it will be a total drugstore gem.
The last thing coming out with this release is a hand cream. Not much info on ingredients, but it is supposed to give your hands and cuticles a bunch of moisture and make them super soft.
This collection is available from 21.07. – 17.08.2016 in your local DM and online. What do you think of Alverde? Let me know below!

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