Huge Trend it Up Update

Hallo Zusammen! I’ve got some super exciting news to share with you today; Trend It Up is massively expanding their brand! The DM only brand announced today that as of September 2016 they will be enlarging their in-store displays to 1 meter instead of the tiny ones that are currently in stores. And that’s not even the best part; along with the new displays come 250 new products! Are you even serious right now? My wallet is already crying! According to the press release, they are releasing foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, brow products, nail products, highlighters, bronzers, contour and blush shades, everything you could wish for from Trend It Up. Let’s get in to the product break down!
There is a lot of stuff to talk about, so I hope you understand if I can’t tall about every single item, but I can give a pretty good general overview!
Update: I have been going through files all day today, and I realized how many products are coming out. So I decided that I’m going to break up the posts in to different categories; lips, eyes, foundations, and nail products. I really can’t imagine writing one post about 250 products, it would just be far too long. I think this way I will be able to be more detailed about the products and not have to rush through the explanation. I’ll have the first post up tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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