It Pieces From Catrice

Hallo Zusammen! I am so excited to be able to share with you this amazing news: Catrice is early releasing their new fall products. They’re calling it the It Pieces collection.This is a limited edition release; so get your hands on it fast! They must be coming out with a seriously huge collection for Autumn this year, which is even more exciting! So let’s get into this product break down, shall we?
First up is something that’s always fun: eyeshadows. For this release we’re getting 3: Dîner En Blanc (white), La Vie En Rose (pink) and Comme Ci Comme Gris(grey). These are a lightweight, creamy formula that will give maximum color payoff. I’m a little on the fence about the pink color, I find that pastel colors have a tendency to be a bit powdery, but I’ll try it out anyway.
Next is something I’ve never heard of: Smokey Mascara. I think its just a normal mascara with a cool name, but I could be making the wrong assumption. It comes with a fiber brush to add volume and it comes in only one color: Velvet Black. I’m liking the look of this wand, even though fiber mascaras aren’t my thing. It also claims to last for up to 18 hours, a pretty substantial claim for a drugstore mascara. Time to put it to the test!
Everyones favorite thing right now: Liquid Lipsticks! I believe these are a reformulation of their previous LL’s, and in new colors. It isn’t a matt finish, but a lipgloss shine with the color of a lipgloss. They also claim to be super long-lasting. Sounds like a wear test is in order! Comes in 2 new colors: The OlymPINK Games and  Rose Your Voice!.
Following suit with lip products, we have some new Matt Lip Artists. They claim up to 6 hours of wear, and come in a stick form. They are lightweight and won’t dry out the lips, but 6 hours of wear is a little bit far fetched in my opinion. I shouldn’t nay-say them until I give them a proper test, but I have to admit I’m pretty skeptical. They are available in 3 colors: Bare Nude’s Soul (pinky nude), Barberry Hopping(brown nude) and HibisKiss-Proof(pinky-red).
Another crowd favorite: Highlighters. This palette comes with 3 different shades, however they are not individually named. They appear to be a rose gold, a white and a bronze shade. I’m a tad bit worried that instead of the glow they’re going to give us a glittery finish. But like I said, I’ll have to give it a try. It’s called the Glowrious Three. 3 highlighters in a decently priced palette will be an incredible addition to my collection…if the formula checks out.
These polishes aren’t any kind of new formulation, just 9 new colors (3 in the limited edition release). The colors are perfect for Autumn, and these aren’t metallic or shimmer shades so the opacity should be above par. The colors are: Take A Brick,  Berry Necessary! and  Plump Around.
What an exciting collection! I can’t wait to post a review for you guys. What do you think? Will you be rushing out to pick up these limited edition products? Leave me a comment below!

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