Nomadic Elegance Collection Review

Hallo Zusammen! When it gets dark and cloudy outside, I usually try to get out and get some air; for those that don’t know I have a sun allergy. (I’m also a ghost so I burn within 5 minutes of sun exposure.) When the clouds took over the sky this afternoon Daniel and I took a little walk and ended up in the Makeup aisle. Not like that’s such a surprise, right? After our usual 20 minutes of re-organizing and cleaning the displays, I noticed these pretty new products on the Trend it Up display. As a side note; Daniel and I always clean up the store displays because it genuinely bothers us that some people will destroy them and leave. Just a small pet peeve! Anyway, these products really caught my eye because I own some of this brands liquid lipstick, and it’s actually amazing. Trend it Up is a brand created and sold exclusively at DM. The product range is huge; from nail polishes to eyeliners. And to my surprise, all of them are awesome. For such a cheap price tag, you really can’t go wrong.
The first thing from this collection that caught my eye was the highlighter. I have an addiction, I know. This baby swatched like a dream! It gives off a gorgeous glow with no glitter; the formula is smooth and creamy. You only need a tiny bit and the pan is huge! No mirror, but that is to be expected with an only €4,95 price tag. It’s a cream color, but not too overpowering. It will be light on me, which is fine, and on darker skin tones I think it would be absolutely beautiful. But I’m still completely impressed!
The lipsticks in this collection are amazingly pigmented, even though I only picked up 2 of the shades. One thing strikes me as strange with these; in the store there were 5 colors, but only 4 testers. Online there are only 4 shades, and one of the shades I bought in store isn’t on the site. It doesn’t bother me that much, I just thought it was strange. Unfortunetely I can’t show you a photo of that lipstick, but all it is a rosey nude color. (I’ll have live swatches posted to YouTube soon, link in the sidebar).
The colors don’t have names, but the numbers are 030 (red), 020 (pinky nude), 010 (brown red) and 050 (red). I swatched these at around 2, and it’s now 5:45 and the lipstick is still on my hand. Granted I haven’t tried to remove it, but I have rubbed at it and it didn’t move much, just  a little smear. I can’t wait to try these on my lips!
The lip and cheek glow pen is something I don’t quite understand. It only comes in this one color (copper), and as far as I know I don’t know anyone who wants a copper lip or cheek, but I picked it up just to test it out. I figure if I don’t like it as either of those products, I can always use it as an eyeshadow. The color is gorgeous!
There are 3 shades of this eyebrow gel, however the two darker shades are almost the same. One is just slightly cooler than the other, and the lighter one is also warm. The formula on these does not budge from the back of my hand, which seems great for a brow product on a hot day. They also come with a cute little brush, which I don’t think I’ll be using. I have a lot of brow brushes that I’m almost sure will do a better job than the thin little brush in the cap.
You know me, I don’t ever buy nail polish. But for the next few months gel nails will be out of the budget, so I figured trying out some new colors won’t hurt. I really loved the earth tones in this line so I picked up 4 of them.  I’ll give the formula a test and update in a new post.
That’s all for this collection, the products are available at DM and online at

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