P2 Beauty Voyage

Hallo Zusammen! We’ve got some exciting news to share; p2 is releasing a new collection in August! They have really been spoiling us with these new products lately. I love the design of this collection, it’s so pretty! There are a lot of nice new items coming out, so let’s get in to the product break down.

First are these really pretty nail polishes, all with a shimmery finish. I love the design of the bottle, it’s super cute and unique. My only concern is that for some reason they remind me of those nail polishes that little girls use, you know? The ones that come in those cosmetic sets for children. I don’t know why, but they do. I hope the formula is somewhat opaque, but I guess we’ll see. It comes in five colors, 010 Curcuma Dream, 020 Spicy Cayenne, 030 Purple Pepper 040 Safran Touch and 050 Hot Curry. You get 10 mL for 2,25€ and they are all Vegan.

As we know, I don’t like eye crayons. I find them hard to blend and lacking in pigment. These are nice, but I will probably never like them. They have a shimmer finish, and come in two colors; 010 Toasted Almond and 020 Sandstone. The toasted almond looks like it might make a good inner corner highlight, so I’ll test these out and see. You get 1 gram for 3,45€ and they are not Vegan.

I’m really not sure about the colors of these eyeshadows. The first one is a nice color, but I have so many just like it in my collection I don’t think I would ever use it. I don’t use purple shadows often enough to justify buying the second one, and I think the third one is ugly. I’ll swatch them in the store, but I don’t have high hopes. The shades are 010 Mesmerizing Sun, 020 Vivid Splash and 030 Beige Sand. You get 1,5 grams for 2,75 and they are not Vegan.

I don’t use eyebrow gels, so this is another thing I won’t be able to review for you guys. Gosh, I’m starting to regret my excitement about this release! These come in two colors, 010 woodbine and 020 brown dunes. You get 10 mL for 2,95€ and they are vegan.

I love the packaging on these lipsticks. I honestly will probably pick them up just for that. The colors are also nice, but I don’t really wear normal lipsticks. They have a glossy finish and are supposed to be opaque. There are 4 shades, 010 Vintage Beige, 020 Marsala Dream, 030 Sunburst and 040 Damas Rose. You get 4 grams for €2,95 and they are not Vegan.

These blushes are really really pretty, I love the golden mosaic on them. However, I think that in turn with how nice the gold looks throughout the blush, it will turn in to a glittery mess which we all know I hate. I will give them a swatch test, but I can’t promise anything. Comes in two shades, 010 Dewey Glow and 020 Rising Sun. You get 11 grams for 3,95€ and they are vegan.

What a cute little brush! I might try this one out, although I am trying to add more natural hair brushes to my collection, you can never have too many brushes, right? Plus, pink bristles are always a plus. It costs 3,45€ and is vegan.

Fixing spray is always essential, and if I ever run out of my Fix+, this may end up as a good alternative. I hope the formula is good! Its a 2 in 1 spray, so it will prime and get rid of pores and then after your makeup it will set and hold it longer. If it does what it says it will, I’ll be in love! It is scented with grapefruit, for a nice fresh feel and smell. You get 60 mL for 4,25€ and it is not vegan.
So what do you think? Are you excited for this collection? Leave me a comment below!

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