P2 Festival Spirit Collection Review

Hallo Zusammen! Today I’m going to share my thoughts on the p2 Festival Spirit collection with you. Let’s get in to it!
These polishes are nice enough, they claim to be vegan which is also cool. I didn’t pick these up because they were sold out, and seeing them online I don’t feel like I missed anything. All 4 are glittery with a 3-dimensional effect. The colors are: #favorite(purple), #fancy(black), #free(pink)and #fantastic(burgundy). You get 10 mL for €2,25.
I also didn’t pick up the lip balms, because one I’m not a lip balm person; the only lip balm I’ll use is Links Peculiarly Perfect Peanut Butter Peppermint Lip Balm (by Link Neal of GMM). Secondly, these balms were seriously slimy!  Maybe gooey is a better word. The ones I opened were all stuck to lid, making the product look like sticky cheese sliding off a pizza. They weren’t colored enough to make me want to put them on my lips, and I feel like they would never really dry down or sink in, and I hate having sticky lips. My husband doesn’t like it either! The come in two colors; #lovepink and #loveorange. These are not vegan. I checked the ingredients and couldn’t find anything that I recognized as an animal product, but I could have missed something. Here is a link to a page where you can check the ingredients if you’re interested: http://bit.ly/29jRlDD You get 13.5 grams for €2,75.
I like the idea of a perfume stick for on the go, the only problem with this one is that it stinks! To me it smelled like rotten baby wipes. I’m not particularly picky with perfumes, but this one I just couldn’t stomach. It is vegan, if you go to the link above you can check the ingredients of everything in this collection. It’s called ‘So Alive’. You get 2 grams for €2,95.
I really love the cute little case you get with these lipsticks. It’s a nicely silk-screened metal (I believe aluminum) and inside you get 3 mini-lipsticks. These don’t claim to be long-wearing or matt, so don’t be mistaken. The lipsticks are fine, I like to use them as lip-liners because of how thin they are, and the also make good middle of the lip colors when I’m using a liquid lipstick. They don’t have a gross smell, or any smell at at really. They’re vegan also! The 3 colors are called: #kissme, #think pink and #hot lips. You get 0.6 grams in each lipstick, so 1.8 total grams, for €4,95. Honestly you’re paying quite a bit extra for the case, but you can take the plastic insert out and use it for something else!
The only one of these shadow sticks that I like is the blue one. The purple one is okay, but it doesn’t come out really purple, more black with a purple sheen. All 3 of them are chunky with glitter, which seems to change their color a little bit. The nude shade is basically transparent, and when you try to blend any of them out they basically disappear. The nude shade is nice for the inner corner or for a middle lid highlight, and I have used the purple under my eyes, which looked nice until it was completely gone again. The blue is really nice as a crease color, and if you set it with a close in color powder, it looks really nice. It also works on the lower lash line, but you should still set it with powder if you want it to stay for any length of time. The colors are: #cool(blue), #crazy(nude) and #groovy(purple).These are also vegan, and you get 2.5 grams for €2,95.
I am honestly confused by these blushes. They have a strange glittery-gray overlay on the words. I swiped over it with a brush and was given just the gray glitter instead of the actual blush color. I got the same result when I swatched it with my finger. The colors look really pretty, but I don’t want to risk having streaks of weird gray sparkles all over my face. I suppose if you rub it enough the gray will come off, but that seems like a lot of work just to put blush on my cheeks. The colors are called #ultra shine(pink) and #shine bright(peach). They are vegan, and you get 7 grams for €4,45.
These little blotting papers are great for on the go, especially when you’re at a festival in the hot sun. Thanks to my sun allergy I don’t have that problem, so I didn’t pick these up. You get 100 pieces for 2,95 and they’re vegan.
This is just a little makeup bag, nothing much to say. €3,95, which isn’t a bad price.
These body tattoos are really cute. They are metallic, and can be removed with water or olive oil. They are vegan and cost €3,95 for 2 sheets. 
You can pick up this collection until the 6th of July at your local DM. As per usual there will be live swatches on my YouTube, you can check out my channel via the side bar on this page. Do you enjoy music festivals? Which one is your favorite? Let me know below!

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