P2 Sunshine Goddess Collection

Hallo Zusammen! Sorry my posts have been so irregular lately, I’ve been rushing off to doctors appointments and running a bunch of errands, so I haven’t had the time to sit down and talk to you guys! Today I thought it would be fun to talk about another collection from p2 that’s going to be leaving stores soon. It came out a while ago, and I’m sure there are a ton of reviews out there, but I thought I would still share my thoughts on it. So let’s begin!

I unfortunately didn’t find these blotting papers at dm, but I think that’s okay because I don’t have oily skin anyway. I really like the idea of these though; blotting excess oil while adding bronzer and highlighter? How cool! These would be awesome for a quick touch up when you’re out in the hot sun. Again, something I can’t do, but for the rest of you I’m sure these are great! You get 2x 50 papers, and they cost 2,95€. Vegan.
I LOVE this oil. I’ve loved it since I tried it the first time. In fact, I loved it so much I went right back and picked up 2 more bottles. I use it to blend out my contour, and it works perfectly. I like to set it with a matt powder after everything is blended, but if you like dewy skin you can totally skip this step. I know the intense in-bottle glitter can be intimidating, but I promise it doesn’t show up on the skin. It leaves a small, sun-kissed glow, but no glitter. This has become an every-day product for me; I’m so glad I stocked up.  You get 15 mL for 3,95€. Vegan.
I was a little on the worried side for the contour stick, just because the bronzing shade is a little bit dark, but when they are blended all together, the colors give me a very natural contour color. I love the formula also, it’s super creamy and blendable without being too heavy. You can also use the 3 colors separately on a brush if you prefer the single colors over the mix. The two bronzing shades are too dark for me without the concealer shade, but as I said mixed together they are perfect! You get 8 grams for 4,95€. Not Vegan, here is a list of the ingredients: http://bit.ly/29AhKAq
The blushes didn’t impress me, just because they seem over pigmented. The colors didn’t match my skin tone either, they are far too bright. The formula is nice; not too powdery or patchy. I was just concerned about going too heavy with these and ending up with clown blush. The blush comes in two colors; sensual rose and delicate peach.
You get 5 grams for 3,75€. Vegan.
This is another product I just love. When Daniel and I went to pick up this collection, I actually passed on this at first because I couldn’t fathom finding a use for pure golden glitter dust, but Daniel thought otherwise and threw it in the basket. I must warn you, when you press down on the bottle, PRESS LIGHTLY! I made the mistake of using a heavy hand with this and ended up with a mouth full of glitter. Not pretty. This definitely is not an every day product, but sometimes a light dusting of gold can really bring a look together. You can also use it as an eyeshadow!
You get 4,8 grams for 4,95€. Vegan.
I’m not the biggest fan of cream eyeshadows for two reasons. One, they tend to crease and fade away fairly quickly. Secondly, I don’t like the feeling of them on my eye, it feels like I’m putting a liquid lipstick on my eyelids. Silly I know, but it’s a comfort thing. I only picked up one shade of this, the golden one, because I frankly didn’t like the others. I didn’t like the formula on these either, it made my eyes feel really heavy, it creased and settled into every fine-line on my lid, and it faded faster than I could say cream eyeshadow. I’ll be passing on these if they ever come around again.
You get 5 ml for 3,75€. Not vegan, ingredients here: http://bit.ly/29AhKAq
I only used this mascara once, for my Full-Face Highlighter challenge. It looked so strange on my lashes that it quickly became a collection item instead of a regular use product. I bought the gold one, actually on accident. I thought it was the cream eyeshadow and didn’t realize it until I opened the bottle. I’ll insert a photo of what it looked like on my lashes here:
No more metallic lashes for me!
You get 9 ml for 3,45€. Vegan.
These powders only came in two colors and they were both far too dark for me. Even for a bronzer, it would have just looked muddy. I gave it the in-store swatch test and they were both powdery. They would have just sat in my collection anyway, so this was a pass for me. 8 grams for 3,95€. Vegan.
I don’t use this brush as a contour brush. Instead, I find it perfect for highlighter. It isn’t stiff enough to give a sharp contour, but the hairs are soft enough to make it easy to apply a nice amount of highlighter to the cheek bones. It’s a cheap but sturdy brush, and it’s vegan! 3,95€.
This is just another bronzer that is too dark for me. I’m sorry I can’t say much about it! It’s a bronzing highlighter, but it was just a brown, muddy, glittery mess on me. You know how much I hate that! The body bronzer is the same story, far too dark for this ghost! 18 grams for 4,95€. Vegan.
I’m not a gloss person, but these are nice and pigmented. I couldn’t find them at my DM, other than the testers. The colors are nice, but they do pack a punch of glitter which is something I don’t like on my lips. I really only like glitter on my eyelids, and even that is on seldom occasions. 4 colors, eternal rose, sunsational pink, opulent copper, and glistening gold. You get 4 mL for 2,95€. Vegan.
I use this lip oil as a part of my daily skin care routine, since I wear so many matt lipsticks, my lips can get very very dry. I like to let it soak in while I do the rest of my makeup so that my lips can really drink it in before being dried out by other products. It’s Jojoba oil and Aloe-Vera infused, so it really nourishes the lips! You get 5 mL for 2,95€. Vegan.
Not much to say about these, I don’t use nail stickers. They are cute though! You get 20 stickers for 2,95€. Vegan.
I picked up 4 of these polishes, and tested them all out. The formula is nice! No glitter, just a really nice metallic shine. White Reflection is my favorite, that’s what’s on my toes right now! They have a pretty decent wear time, although it may be different on natural nails; I painted over my gels when they started to grow out. I’m still pretty impressed with these! Comes in 5 colors; gold elixir, white reflection, nude sensation, copper elegance and silver supreme. You get 10 mL for 2,25€. Vegan.
This isn’t a makeup item, so I’m not going to spend much time on this. I don’t like the design of this bracelet, and the way it looked on me wasn’t flattering. 3,95€.
This collection is available until the 20th of July, so you still have some time left before it’s gone! Live swatches available on my YouTube, link in side bar!


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