Summer Fun: A New Collection from Essence

Hallo Zusammen! Some exciting news to share: Essence is coming out with ANOTHER new collection! They’re really spoiling us lately, huh? This collection is all about Summer, Sun and Sand-The Summer Fun collection. Tons of new and exciting products are launching, and they’ll be in stores next week! Here is a little product break down:

First up is something totally new to any brand (at least that I know of): Cooling Eyeshadow! Not much info on this innovation yet, but the “slightly cooling” effect sounds interesting. It comes in two shades; Pool Position (blue) and Shine Brighter than the Sun (white).
This is another one I’ve never heard of: hair mascara?! Yes, you read that correctly. Eyebrow, lash and hair mascara. I don’t know what to think about that! It’s not even the craziest thing about this product, it only comes in one color. Blue! I don’t know if I’ll be giving this one a try, but maybe just for you! It’s called Meet Me At The Pool.
Something that Essence always excels at, lip products. This month we’re getting 2 colors and 2 different formulas: wet and matt. The shades are pretty tame, I mean what isn’t compared to blue mascara, right? Available in Walking on Sunshine (pink) and Girls Just Wanna Have Sun (red).
I’ve always been on the fence about cream to powder products, but to add insult to injury I’m not a fan of cream highlighters. However, this one sounds interesting. I’m always looking for a brand that can master the cream to powder formula without being patchy or removing my foundation. I’ll definitely be giving the new cream to powder “instant glow” that’s coming out this month! It only comes in one color, Walking on Sunshine. (You would think they could change a name or two huh?)
Following right along with the cream to powder trend, Essence is releasing a new blush. Another one that just comes in one color, Girls Just Wanna Have Sun. Again with the names!
Dupe Alert? That’s right, Essence is taking on the Makeup Sponge challenge with what looks to be Beauty Blenders! Mini Makeup Sponges is what they’re calling them, and they come 3 in a pack. That’s exciting if they’re anywhere near as good as the original, perhaps it’s time to stock up!  Available in Be My Sunshine Today.
And of course, nail polish. Has there ever been a collection that lacks in this department? As per usual, 4 new shades. These all include the wet look effect (whatever that means) and they come in 4 shades: Meet Me at the Pool(turquoise), Shine Brighter than the Sun (white), Walking on Sunshine (pink) and Girls Just Wanna Have Sun (red).
Along with those polishes comes some cute nail stickers featuring ice cream. Not really my thing, but they’re really cute nonetheless. Even the name is cute: “I Scream for Ice Cream!”
Just a couple more products, I promise!
Next up is a body spray, something I’ve noticed Essence coming up with a lot lately. This also has that special cooling formula, and it comes in a cute travel sized bottle. Available in only one scent: Splash to Refresh!
And the last item (phew!) are these cute little hair ties. I can’t use them (pixie cut!) but they might make cute bracelets to give out to friends, or if you do have longer hair they would work for you.
Are you excited about this new launch? I’ll be reviewing it just as soon as I can get my hands on it!


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