Trend it Up Nomadic Elegance Collection Review

Hallo Zusammen! Sorry this post is coming out so late, Daniel and I were out playing Pokèmon Go all day today. I wanted to discuss the Trend It Up Nomadic Elegance collection because I am honestly surprised about the quality of the products from this brand. Reminder, this is a brand created BY the drugstore. It is only sold in DM and it was created for DM. These products are honestly amazing! I am always so impressed with Trend It Up; amazing prices and great products? Yes please! So, let’s get in to the product break down.
These lipsticks are really nice. I love the creamy formula, especially how light-weight they are on my lips. The colors are really pretty, despite the little mix up that I mentioned in my last post. These aren’t liquid lipsticks and they don’t have a matt finish, so don’t expect them to hold out for the long run; however they layer well, so re-applying isn’t a big deal! You get 4,2 grams total for 2,95€. These are not vegan. (Contains Beeswax)
I really, really love this highlighter. Finally a drugstore highlighter that isn’t chunks of glitter all over my face! This gives a really nice subtle glow with no glitter. It is a little powdery, but it still blends out really nicely. I can’t pass up a highlighter that is dirt cheap and isn’t chock-full of glittery crap! A+ from this blogger for sure! You get 9 grams for 4,25€. Not vegan. (Glycerin)
I like these polishes as much as any other nail polish I guess. The opacity could be a little bit better, but with two coats they are really pretty. If you did a whole look with this collection, using these polishes would really tie things together. If you’re not in to earth tones, I would avoid the matt shades, but the glitters can work as a top coat for almost any color! You get 11 ml for 2,45. I’m not entirely sure if these are vegan or not, but because there is no label or sticker and going with the rest of this brand I’m going to assume that it’s not!
At first I really wasn’t sure about this bronze lip and cheek pen. I still can’t really imagine wearing this as a blush or even a highlighter (at least on my skin tone). However, I have recently been loving it for a middle of the lip highlight! It blends like a dream, and doesn’t have glitter. It gives off a really nice bronzy glow, and it pairs amazingly with a dark red or brown lipstick. Try it with Lime Crime’s Salem or ABH’s Sarafine! You get 6 grams for 4,25€. Not vegan. (Contains Beeswax)
As I predicted in my previous post, the little brush on this dip brow gel was a no-go. I was able to use it with a Real Techniques brow brush, and it works really well. I would compare it to my Essence brow gel! The formula is nice and creamy, but once it dries it won’t budge. It is still easy to take off with makeup remover, but you won’t have to worry about wiping your brows off! The only complaint I have is that there are only 3 color choices, which limits the amount of people who can use these. Sad! You get 3 grams for 3,65€. Not vegan. (Contain Polybutene)
The only complaint I have about this collection is I wish it was vegan. I seldom use these products because of that fact. It’s really important to check out ingredients before using a product! Did you like this collection? Let me know below! As usual, live swatches will be on my YouTube; link in sidebar.

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