Trend it Up Part One: Face

Hallo Zusammen! Today I’m going to start my 4 part series on the new Trend It Up release. If you didn’t catch my previous post, I’m breaking this up because of the massive update; 250 new products is just a few too many to talk about in one post. Today I’m going to give you the details about the new line of face products from Trend It Up. Let’s get in to the product break down; you may want to grab a snack, its a big one!
So the first foundation that’s being released is part of a sheer collection. If you’re in to a more natural makeup look, these are going to be great for you. According to the press-release, these foundations are light-weight and buildable, with an anti-shine effect. The only issue I find with these is that the color range is lacking quite a bit. There are no darker shades than a natural tan, which excludes a lot of people from being able to wear them. I also don’t know if there are any shades light enough to match me, but I will check when they are in stores. You get 30 mL for 4,25€ and they are not vegan. I cannot find any ingredient lists to tell you what makes them not vegan, sorry!
 Along with the sheer nude foundations, two concealers are being introduced. They are also anti-shine, and have the same light-weight formula. Again, the problem I have with these are there are only 2 shades. If you have dark skin, I’m really sorry that these products won’t work for you. I wish some of these brands would create darker shades, it is really frustrating. You get 5 mL for 3,45€. Not vegan.
The next foundation is more a full-coverage formula for a “flawless, fresh appearance”. It goes on matt and will cover all imperfections. There are only light to tan shades. You get 30 mL for 4,25€. Not vegan.
I’m personally not a fan of coversticks; I find them extremely difficult to blend. I prefer liquid concealers for that fact, but if the formula on these is okay I might try them out. These also have a matt effect, and are supposed to be super for covering imperfections and dark spots. I like the thinness of the stick, I imagine it will be nice to get really close in hard to reach areas. The angled tip should make it nice to conceal over and under the brows. It comes in two shades (GRR!). You get 2 grams for 3,95€. Not vegan.
The third foundation is a 2 in 1; concealer mixed with foundation. I am expecting a very full coverage out of this one.  It is said to give a “Baby Glow” effect; what that means is I have no idea, but I’m just reporting what info I have. You get 30 ml for 5,45€ and this one is vegan.
Since the foundation above is two in one, instead of a concealer they are releasing a powder with this one. It is a matt finish, light weight powder that has buildable coverage from translucent to full coverage. You get 9 grams for 3,75€. Not vegan.
Ooh a contouring set! These are powder, not cream, so that’s even more exciting. The contour shade looks like it might even match me, it seems to be very cool-toned. The bronzer shade on the other hand, is a little bit too dark and warm toned for me, I think it would just turn muddy on me. I’ll have to test all of them out, especially the highlighter shade; it looks a tad bit yellow. Only time will tell. You get 7,5 grams for 5,25€. Not vegan.
I really loved the version of this highlighter that was released with the Nomadic Elegance collection; it gives off a great glow without all of the glitter that most highlighters have. I really hope these have the same formula! I don’t see much a difference between the Nomadic Elegance and the first highlighter, but the second looks almost like a bronzer rather than a highlighter, so that one will have to get an in-store swatch test. You get 9 grams for 3,95€ and 010 (the lighter shade) is vegan, while 020 is not.
I’ve never tried a bronzer from Trend It Up, so I’m excited to test the formula on these. I will only be picking up the dark shade, because the other one is far too warm for me. I’m going to give it a try nonetheless, at least with an in store swatch test. You get 9 grams for 3,95€. Both shades are vegan.
So the description of these blushes are confusing to me. They are supposed to have a matt finish, but the also contain shimmer and light-reflecting pigments…what? That doesn’t sound very matt to me! Either way, the colors are really pretty, but if they aren’t matt I probably won’t pick them up, I don’t like sparkles in my blush. You get 9 grams for 2,95€. Not vegan.
I like loose powders, I just don’t understand why they are releasing a pink one…it’s supposed to be a setting powder, but I don’t know of anyone who sets their face with pink powder. It appears to have a normal set up, holes in the top and a powder puff inside.I hope the formula is good, I always need baking powder! You get 4 grams for 4,95€; 010 (translucent) is vegan, 020 is not vegan.
Lastly we have two primers; one for a matt finish and one for a highlight effect. I have a feeling the first one will be similar to the Maybelline Baby Skin primer, silicon based and good at blurring imperfections. The other one I’m not so sure about; I don’t find highlighting primers to do anything. Once you put foundation on top of it, the highlighter effect goes away. I’ll test it out, but I don’t have high hopes. You  get 30 mL for 4,45€. Neither are vegan.

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