Trend it Up Update part 3: Lips

 Hallo Zusammen! Continuing on with my 4 part series on the massive update to DM’s Trend it Up brand, today we’re going to talk about lips. There aren’t as many products as there were for the eyes (thank goodness, that post took 4 hours to write!); but there are some awesome new products and some new colors and formulations to talk about. Let’s get in to the product break down.
Lipstick pens are the first new product, which in all honesty I’m not too excited about. I own a lot of lipstick, but I always find myself reaching for a liquid lip that will stay all day rather than a normal lipstick which has a tendency to smear. However, I do find these useful for highlighting the middle of my lips, so I’ll give these a test. Trend it Up released a lip and cheek pen with their Nomadic Elegance collection, and with a brick red base that is the perfect shimmery highlight. The colors they are releasing are gorgeous, so let’s hope the formula holds up. They are formulated with vanilla, coconut and caramel scent, so if that bothers you stay away. There are 6 shades, 010 light pink, 020 copper, 030 brick red, 040 brown, 050 light pink, and 060 red. They are all shimmery/pearlescent finish. You get 2,5 grams for 3,25€ and they are not vegan.
I really don’t trust any product that says “Ever Lasting” when its not a matt lipstick or liquid lip. I tried the Catrice 6 Hour lip artist and I wore it for maybe 30 minutes before it was smeared across my face. You can check out my review on those in the Catrice It Pieces collection review post. I don’t want to go in to this with a semi-negative attitude, but I just don’t trust it. I will be trying these out, because if Trend it Up got the formula right, there are a few colors that I am DYING to add to my collection. These are also scented with vanilla, coconut and caramel, so for those who are sensitive to smells in their lip products, you may want to avoid these. There are 6 shades, 010 light pink, 020 red, 030 dark red, 040 orange red, 050 dark purple, and 060 dark burgundy. 060 is the prettiest shade I’ve ever seen from this brand, I have to get my hands on it! You get 2 grams for 3,45€ and they are vegan.
Gloss Infusion Lipstick sounds like a greasy, messy mess for me. Like I said, I’m far too partial to the lip products I already own that will give me hours of wear. These are apparently very opaque and have a silky smooth texture, but I don’t know if that’s a big enough selling point for me. I’ll test them in store, but I can’t promise that I’ll be liking these so much. It doesn’t say that these are scented, as soon as I can test that out I will update you. There are 6 shades, 010 light pink, 020 peach, 030 classic red, 040 bright red, 050 mauve and 060 dark red. These have a glossy finish, and no guaranteed wear time. You get 2,5 grams for 3,75€ and they are not vegan.
These are the glosses that pair with the above lipsticks, but they only come in four shades instead of six. As we all know, I’m not a gloss person. I hate having sticky lips and so does Daniel. They are infused with Argan oil, and scented with vanilla, coconut and caramel. You get 5 ml for 3,45€. They are vegan, and I’m sorry I won’t be testing these out for you guys! The shades are 010 mauve, 020 pinky red, 030 peach and 040 red.
More lip pens are being released, these are ultra thin and have 2 different finishes. They are said to be long-wearing, but as I stated before I’m not too trusting of that. The colors are very nice, both the matt and the pearl finishes. Neither of them are scented. I really like the sharp tip on these, makes it easy to get in the contours of the lips. There are 3 shades of each pen; on the pearl pens they are 010 light pink, 020 copper, 030 rose and the matts are the same colors just in matt. For both versions you get 1,3 grams for 3,25€. The pearls are not vegan, the matts 030 is vegan and 010 and 020 are not.
I normally use oil-based lip primers just because I find it nourishes my lips better than anything thing else. This one doesn’t really say what the base ingredient is, but considering it’s not vegan I’m going to assume it’s beeswax. Probably not going to try this one, I don’t like to use wax on my lips. It is scented with vanilla, coconut and caramel. Again, people who are smell-sensitive may want to avoid this product. You get 2 grams for 2,95€ and it is not vegan.
So this is basically a clear lip liner…uhm, that seems just a bit silly to me. I’m not even going to bother with this, and there isn’t much to say about it. It’s not vegan, so again I’m going to assume that there is beeswax as the base ingredient. You get 0,3 grams for 2,45 and it is not vegan.
Now let’s move on to the new colors of old products. First up are the high-shine lipsticks; something I’m not a fan of. They are releasing 10 new shades, which you can see above. 200 nude, 210 brown nude, 220 pink, 230 brick red, 240 peach, 250 dark pink, 260 dark red, 270 brown, 280 dark purple, 290 purple. They have a glossy finish. You get 4,2 grams for 2,25€ and they are not vegan.
Their matt lipsticks are decent, they don’t smear as quickly as some other brands. I have a few in my collection and granted I don’t use them every day, they are still in rotation some times. They are releasing 10 new shades; 400 pinky nude, 410 rose, 420 brownish nude, 430 dark pink, 440 brick red,  450 burgundy, 460 red, 470 purple, 480 dark purple almost black, 490 even darker purple. You get 4,2 grams for 2,25€ and they are not vegan.
High Shine lipgloss, yuck. Not one for me. There are 7 new shades,  110 clear, 120 pinky nude, 130 pink, 140 purple, 150 lighter purple, 160 darker pink, 170 pink. 110 is not vegan, all others are. You get 5 mL for 3,25€.
I love the ultra matt liquid lip creams. They are by far the best drug store liquid lip I have ever found, and I’m so excited that they are releasing new colors. Looks like I’ll be needing a new lipstick organizer. Four new shades, 035 mauve, 080 red, 085 purple and 090 dark purple.
These are my all.time favorite lip liners. I use them every day under every lip product I own. They are so creamy and smooth, the tiny tip makes it easy to really get the contours of the lips. I’m going to be picking up all of these because I love them that much. There are 18 new shades, which you can see above. 220, 280, 440, 450 and 490 are not vegan, all others are. You get 0,3 grams for 1,95€.


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