Trend it Up Update Part 4: Nails

Hallo Zusammen! Today marks the end of my four part series on the upcoming Trend it Up release. I’m sorry this post is so late, I ended up working a double shift last night and had no energy left to type this out. For those of you who are wondering, I work in a kitchen helping out the chefs. Anyway, today we’re going to talk about nails. Trend it Up is releasing a ton of new polishes, but they are also putting out an entire line dedicated to taking care of your nails to get that perfect at home manicure. Let’s get in to the product break down.
First up are metallic polishes, something semi-new to this brand. I won’t be reviewing any of these products for you guys, simply because I’m not allowed to have painted nails at work. Even my gels will be coming off in the next few days. These colors are really pretty, and I know that Trend it Up already has a great formula for their polishes, so these should be really nice. It comes in 5 shades, 010 gold, 020 royal blue, 030 red, 040 olive green and 050 royal purple. That red is to die for, isn’t it?! You get 11 mL for 2,45€ and they are all vegan.
Next are some soft matt polishes, which I think sound really cool, but if the formula isn’t right its going to be a major fail. (Major fail) If you got that reference, 10 points to Gryffindor. Anyway, I normally use a matt top coat from Essence, but I find that it speeds up the chipping process and also causes the polish underneath to completely peel off. Hopefully these will be better, and the opacity shows up. I really like the frosted glass bottle also! 5 shades, 010 light pink, 020 burgundy, 030 lavender, 040 red and 050 purple. You get 11 mL for 2,45€ and they are all vegan.
These polishes are promising a lot, and I really hope they can stand up to their claims. These UV polishes are said to keep your manicure perfect for 7 days when paired with the UV top coat, and to give off a gel-like finish. That’s all well and good, but Essence has the same system that doesn’t work worth a crap, so I’m thinking this one is going to fall into the same category. I could always be wrong, but I’m skeptical. If it does work, not having to use a UV lamp of any kind of special base coat will be awesome! There are 10 shades which you can see above plus the top coat. You get 11 mL in the polish and top coat and they both cost 2,25€. All the polishes and the base coat are vegan. There is also a version of this top coat that is matt, and it is the same price for the same amount and also vegan.
The next polishes are just new colors of the old formula. The N°1 polishes are some of my drugstore favorites, considering the price point and how awesome the formula is. There are 4 new shades being released, 230 gold, 240 red metallic, 250 purple metallic and 260 blue metallic. That red shade is beautiful! I really like the addition of metallics to this range. You get 6 mL for 1,25€. They are all vegan.
Adding to their collection of Double Shine and Volume polishes, 5 new shades are being released. I don’t really like any of the colors of these to be completely honest, I think they’re rather ugly. They are 081 gray, 410 chartreuse, 420 dark peach and 430 dark pinky red. You get 11 mL for 2,25€ and they are all vegan.
Now on to nail care; a line that is all new to Trend it Up. Basically every product in here is for your cuticles, so there isn’t much to say. I have no experience with nail-care products from this brand, so I really can’t give you my opinion.
There is a cuticle remover and serum:
A cuticle care pen and peeling pen (what even is that?)
An almond cuticle softener pen:
A nail polish correcting pen:
and a cuticle care cream:
Your cuticles have never looked so taken care of!
That’s all for my Trend it Up series, but not to worry; I have another series starting later this week! Stay tuned!


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