Trend it Up Update Part Two: Eyes

Hallo Zusammen! Sorry I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, Daniel and I got caught up in Pokémon Go with his brothers. Anyway, for part two of my series on the huge Trend it Up release, I want to talk about the new eye products. There are a TON of new shadows, mascaras and liners coming out this September, so let’s get in to the product break down. I’m going to try to keep this a little short since there is so much to talk about.
These are the same shadows that Trend it Up has always had, just in 10 new shades. These are matt shadows, and they have really great pigmentation. All of the colors coming out are AMAZING for Autumn, and I really can’t wait to get my hands on them! The brown shades make really create crease colors, and all of them are super blendable. Shades 110 and 120 are not vegan, but the rest are. You get 2,5 grams for 1,95€. Available in  010 (light brown) 020 (greenish brown), 030 (dark brown), 040 (white) 050 (cream), 060 (red brown), 070 (gray), 080 (dark gray), 090 (black), 100 (light pink), 110 (mauve), 120 (plum).
Metallic shadows are always exciting! These are completely new to Trend it Up, the only shadows I’ve ever seen from them have been matt. I really hope that the formula on these is good, because you really can’t beat the price point. There are 6 shades available, 010 (dark brown/bronze), 020 (dark green), 030 (burgundy), 040 (purple), 050 (turquoise), 060 (dark blue). 040 and 060 are not vegan, all other shades are. You get 3,5 grams for 3,95€.
I really don’t know what an Elastic eyeshadow is, but I’m guessing it is something similar to a foiled shadow. I’m not the biggest fan of these, just because I don’t like applying products with my fingers. It is recommended to apply with the tip of your finger for best result. I’m going to try  them out for the pigmentation and formula, but keep in mind I may have a slight bias towards these. There are 6 shades available, 010 (cream), 020 (brown), 030 (red brown) 040 (silver) 050 (gray/black) and 060 (black). You get 5 grams for 3,45€ and these are all vegan.
Ah, eyeshadow pens. The bane of my existence. I have never found an eyeshadow pen that worked for me or that I liked. I find that they lack pigmentation after being blended out. I.E the Catrice Sounds of Silence pens. These probably aren’t for me. They are reported to have a powder like finish, which is also something new. I guess we’ll have to give them a test! There are 5 shades, 010 (black), 020 (dark blue), 030 (copper), 040 (lilac) 050 (dark purple). These are all vegan and you get 2,5 g for 3,45€.
We all know how much I love eyeshadow palettes, so these are exciting. There are actually a ton of these coming out; all with different finishes. A mix of shimmer and matt shadows, with 6 shadows in each palette. The color selection is tad bit limited, even with the edition of so many palettes. The colors are all muted earth tones, so if you’re looking for bright colors you might want to pass on these. There are 2 color palettes, The Colors 010 and The Colors 020, and 3 nude palettes, The Nudes 010, 020 and 030. 6 shadows in each palette. The total weight is 4,8 grams per palette and the total price is 4,95€. Broken down you’re paying 0,83€ per shadow, which is pretty good. On the colors, the 010 palette is vegan and 020 is not, the nudes is the same, 010 is vegan and 020 and 030 are not.
I am so excited that Trend it Up is releasing brow products. I can’t ever find Benefit or Anastasia brow products here unless I buy them online, which costs a ton for shipping. If these are good products, these will be some definite drug store gems. The brow gel on the other hand is something I don’t personally use, just because I find it messy. I am also very partial to my Christian Faye brow stencils and powder, so I may be a tad bit biased. The shades on these are very limited, only 2 available. No blonde or black, which is disappointing. The shades are 010 (dark brown) and 020 (ash brown). You get 5 mL for 3,45€ and they are both vegan.
Eyebrow powder is an essential product for me, and having a waterproof formula is really awesome. I’m going to make a video about waterproof products put to the test, so I’ll add these in there. Again, the shades are limited; only 3 and all in the dark brown range. 010 (ash brown) 020 (gray-brown) and 030 (dark brown). I really don’t understand why they limit their shades, it really takes away from their audience. Anyway, you get 1 gram for 3,45€ and they are all vegan.
Brow pencils are also a really essential product for a lot of people, my only concerns with these are again, the color range, and two, the tip on these seems to be a little wide. When I line and fill in my brows with a pencil, I prefer to have a really thin tip to avoid mistakes. If these type of tips are good for you, that’s awesome. I still want to test out the formula, but it might just give it an in-store test. There are two shades, 010 (cool tone brown) and 020 (warm tone brown). You get 0,05 grams for 3,45€ and they are vegan. You also get a spoolie on the other end, so that’s a plus.
Looks like another product for my waterproof test! I don’t normally use liquid liner, I haven’t found one that doesn’t burn my eyelids. However, if the formula is good I would really like to try it out. It’s so annoying to have to check every ingredient for my allergies. Anyway, if it really is waterproof that will be amazing. Go ahead, take her swimming on the first date! You get 3 mL for 3,45€ and it is not vegan. It comes in only one shade, black. There are also some colored versions coming out, 4 shades in 010 (gray), 020 (copper) 030 (dark blue) and 040 (purple). The colored liners are also water proof; you get 3mL for 3,65€ and they are not vegan.
Now these are something that I use every single day. I love pen liners, they make it so easy to make a wing without the mess of a gel or liquid liner and without the struggle of a pencil that is never sharp enough. I like that they are releasing a small and a large size, which will help create a lot of different looks. The only concern I have is pen liners tend to dry out really easily, so hopefully that won’t happen with these. The XS version is vegan and you get 1 mL for 3,25€. The XL version is also vegan and you get 2,5 mL for 3,25€. They are available in black.
Kajal liner pens are something I’ve been using from this brand since I discovered it. Trend it Up is releasing three new versions of their classic kajal.
Up first are the metallic kajal pencils. If the formula on these is a good as the original, they are going to be some awesome liners. There are 6 shades, 010 (dark purple), 020 (green) 030 (royal blue), 040 (silver), 050 (gold) and 060 (royal purple). You get 0,3 grams for 2,95€ and 010 and 030 are not vegan while the rest are.
Next up are the complete opposite of the metallic liners; matt liners! These are all pastel shades, which are just gorgeous. There are 6 shades, 010 (light pink) 020 (rosey pink), 030 (light blue), 040 (pastel pink), 050 (light gray) and 060 (light turquoise).
The ultra slim kajals are next, which I believe are the same as the original, come in 6 shades. 010 black, 020 brown, 030 dark blue, 040 gray, 050 green and 060 purple. You get 0,05 grams for 2,45€ and 030 and 060 are not vegan while the others are.
Along with the new eyeliner releases they are coming out with some new colors of the original eyeliner formula. There are 4 new shades; 030 copper, 052 purple, 082 blue and 090 dark blue. You get 0,3 grams for 1,95€ and only shade 082 is vegan.
Trend it Up is releasing a ton of new mascaras so I’m just briefly going over each one of them.
The N°1 Mascara WP has it’s very own Maxi-Loading brush which gives you maximized volume and it makes your eye lashes look fuller; it doesn’t clump and it’s smudge proof. If used multiple times it’ll increase the length of your lashes and will nourish them! You get 12 mL for 2,95€ and it’s vegan! It comes in 4 colors, 010 black, 020 brown, 030 blue and 040 purple.
Next up is the 4in1 Kohl Mascara, a mascara with a special multiplying brush and a deep black formula. After multiple uses it’s endless-lengthening effect will really show up! You get 12 mL for 4,45€, vegan.
The Pop Lashes Kohl Mascara has a high-definition brush which ensures a great increase in volume of your lashes when it’s used multiple times. 4,45€ for 12 mL, vegan.
And the last one is the Maxi Drama Khol Mascara, which is supposed to give you an intensive false-lashes-effect. It also uses the deep black formula, it is voluminizing and it makes your lashes look fuller. You get 12 mL for 4,45€ and it’s vegan!
Next up is the Bright Eye duo pen, which I believe is a highlighter pen for under the brow and in the corners of the eyes. It comes with a pearlescent side and a matt side, and it is supposed to be a great base for eyeshadows. You get 5,5 grams for 3,95€ and it is not vegan. I believe it contains beeswax or something along those lines.
This next one is another eye primer, just a translucent one. It is said to have a blur effect, which means that it is silicon based. I don’t really know what that will do to prime the eyes, but I’ll give it a try. It is vegan and you get 3,9 grams for 2,95€.
And another eye base, just in a pot form.  This is supposed to lengthen the wear of your eyeshadows and create a smooth base. You get 4,5 mL for 2,95€. It is vegan.
What do you think of the products so far? Part 3 coming soon!

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