What’s Up with Essence?

Hallo Zusammen! Today I have a little rant for you guys. So, here it comes. A little while ago I posted about the upcoming Essence “Summer Fun” collection and it’s supposed release date. For the past two weeks, or however long it’s been since I posted the announcement, I have been searching through 3 different stores, and a ton of different online shops to no avail. I have never had this many issues with buying makeup! I even contacted Essence about this, and of course the only response I got was “It’s not our fault if the stores don’t put the products out on time!” Excuse me? Who’s fault is it then? I mean sure, if the stores actually have the products and just aren’t putting them out, it falls on them. But every single employee at every store I’ve visited said they haven’t even heard about getting this delivery. I went to DM first, of course, and they got several deliveries and received things from every other brand, but not a thing from Essence. So I figured this collection won’t be coming to any DM stores. Okay, that’s fine. I checked my favorite website, kosmetik4less.de, a partner of Essence, who also doesn’t have this collection nor has heard of it. Now I’m frustrated. Earlier today Daniel and I went in to the big city for a doctors appointment and decided to stop by the mall since they have two different cosmetic stores inside. I went to Müller first, checked the display, and found nothing. I found an employee and she checked for me, they don’t get another delivery until AUGUST! I asked 3 more employees and they told me the same thing. I was getting angry at this point. I went over to Douglas, and they don’t sell Essence except in their online store. So I checked online, and nothing. I checked Müller online, not a damn thing. I am so frustrated with Essence. I know it sounds silly but buying and reviewing products is how I make a living, and I love sharing my thoughts on them with all of you! I can’t do that if this collection doesn’t exist! I will continue searching and contacting Essence until I get my hands on these products, I promise! I will be reviewing some other collections to fill the void ASAP. If anyone from Essence is reading this, please let me know what’s going on! Did you find this collection? If so, where? Let me know below!

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