Catrice X Marina Hoermanseder

Hey guys! Today I’m going to give you all the details about the new Limited Edition collection from Catrice. This time the collection is a collaboration with Marina Hoermanseder. Marina is a fashion designer and model from Austria. The basis of her collection is straps, which is this collections theme. Let’s talk about all of these pretty products!
Beauty Bag

First up we have this cute little makeup bag! With belts and straps featured on the cover, this bag is perfect to fit all your favorite beauty items. I love the little bags that Catrice and Essence release, but I normally don’t buy them because I simply carry too much makeup for these to be useful for me. It’s adorable though! Retail price will be 4,99€.
Lip Colour

Two new lipstick colors with a creamy formula and a high-shine finish. There are two shades available, C01 Rose Bloom and C02 Fuchsia’s Flower. The packaging on these is absolutely gorgeous, but I think the pastel pink (C01) would wash me out. I might try the other shade though, it’s gorgeous for summer! Retail price is 4,99€.
Eye Palette

This small palette contains 4 shades with a mix of matte and shimmer. This also has a cute belt imprint inside and comes in gorgeous rose gold packaging. I’m not sure about the shadow layout in here, it seems like the colors could mix and become muddy really quickly if you use the wrong brush! One shade is available, C01 Eyeconic Straps, and it will retail for 4,99€.
Cream Blush

This is some serious space-age packaging here. How cute! This is a cream blush that turns to powder when it contacts the skin. The color is a little bit much for me as far as my pale skin goes, but this would be a killer color for our darker skin babes! There is one shade available, C01 Blushed Blossom. It will retail for 3,99€.
Nail Polishes

4 polishes, 3 with a high-shine finish and one with a matte finish. I don’t really think any of these colors are all that great, the blue is pretty but I won’t be spending my hard earned cash on any nail polish, I’ve officially given up on them! The shades are C01 Fuchsia’s Flower, C02 Nectarine Butterfly, C03 Côte D’Azur-Flair and C04 Garden View. Garden View is the matte formula, and the other 3 are shine. These retail for 2,99€.
Highlighting Brush

This is a really interesting brush design! With densely packed bristles it is perfect for blending in highlighter (or maybe even contour). I love the look of this brush and I love all of the Catrice brushes I have, so this is probably something I’m going to pick up. It will retail for 4,49€.
Highlighting Pearls

These are fine-shimmery pearls that will give you a natural glow with light reflecting pigments. I really have to swatch these before I decide, because highlighter pearls can be really hit or miss for me. These come in one shade, C01 Crystal Skin and will retail for 3,99€.
That’s it for this collection! I love the packaging, especially the rose gold! What do you think? Are you into this desgin? Leave me a comment down below!

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