Trend it Up Spring Update: Part 1

Hey everyone! Today we’re talking about another awesome drugstore brand, Trend it Up! This is an exclusive to DM brand (they actually make these products themselves). If you look back on my blog, last summer Trend it Up completely over-hauled their brand from almost nothing to some seriously awesome products. (Check the Trend it Up tag to see those posts). This is not as huge of a launch as last year, but theres still some really awesome stuff coming out. These products will be available in March. This launch contains both new products and new variations of older products, so for each post we’ll talk about the new stuff first, then the variations. So here we go!
New Products
Camou Concealer
This is a full-coverage concealer that will help to conceal redness and uneven skin tone for a perfect finish. It also contains skin care ingredient Somitine, to help with cell respiration. It only comes in two shades, 010 and 020 (that tells us a lot…thanks Trend it Up)! Sadly, both of these shades are very light, so our dark skin babes are left out once again. We had this issue last year too. Damn you TIP! These are Vegan (I can post the ingredient list if anyone is interested), you get 5mL for 3,25€.
Expert Finish Powder
There is one other Expert Finish Powder which I believe is translucent, there was a pink one but it is going to be discontinued in March. I will have a post up next week telling you which products are being taken out of rotation. Anywho, this silky powder will give you a matte finish and a natural look. This looks to be a bit darker than the other shade, but judging by the description it’s probably going to be sheer coverage so color shouldn’t matter that much. This product is not vegan, and you get 4 grams for 4,95€.
Skin Supreme Compact Powder 
This is a pressed powder with anti-shine effect has sheer coverage but is buildable to full coverage. It is said to give the skin a velvety, silky feel and will also help with uneven skin tones. This is shade 035, which seems to me to be in between shade 30 and 40, but I’m not sure based on the photos I have. It does appear to be pretty light. It is not vegan, you get 9 grams for 3,75€.
Face Contouring Set 
So this product is something else, at least based on the picture. Does that contour shade look like blush to anyone else? The highlighter also looks purple to me. Interesting I guess, maybe its just a bad photo. These powders also have an anti-shine effect and a built in primer. It gives a matte finish (I hope they don’t mean the highlighter is matte? I’m confused.) This shade, 020, is not vegan. You get 7,5 grams for 5,95€.
Powder Blush
Okay, see the first shade there? Thats what the contour shade in the aforementioned kit looks like. WTF? These are the same matte powder blushes that have been around for a while. The colors are pretty though. They are supposed to be lightly pigmented so you can build coverage and avoid the clown face blush look. Unless that’s what you like, you do you! both shades are not vegan, you get 5 grams for 2,95€.
That’s all for the Face portion of this launch, stay tuned for the next installment, coming up in a few hours! XO’S

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