Trend it Up Spring Update: Part 3

Hello again my friends, I hope you’re enjoying my series on Trend it Up’s Spring Launch so far! This time we’re talking about eye products, and we have some really cool stuff to talk about! Check out Parts 1 and 2 under the Trend it Up tag on the home page. Let’s get in to it! Just as before, I will discuss the new products and then the varations of old products.
New Products

Highlightening Eye Shadow
Cream eyeshadows with a shimmery finish to make your eyes really shine. These have an airy texture to give you a delicate finish instead of being cakey and creasey. These are also waterproof to prevent creasing in the folds of the eyelid and to get a stay-all-day look. There are 3 new shades launching, 010, 020 and 030. 030 is vegan, the other two shades are not. They cost 3,75€ for 5 mL.

Metallic Eyeshadow
Highly pigmented shadows with a silky texture and metallic finish. These can be used wet and dry, depending on the intensity that you’re looking for. These remind me a lot of the Scarebo eyeshadows from last year that have now been discontinued. There are 6 shades in total, 010, 020, 030, 040, 050, 060. 010, 020 and 060 are vegan, the other 3 are not. You get 9 grams for 3,75€.

Makeup Correcting Pen
Okay this is seriously so cool. Messed something up? Eyeliner not quite right? Don’t worry! The Makeup Correcting Pen is here! This is a pen filled with what I’m guessing is makeup remover that will help to correct mistakes made during makeup application. It has a pointed tip for perfect application, and it comes with other tips to cover different areas. This is so cool! It is vegan and you get 3 mL for 3,95€.

Expert Inner Eye Pen
Not really much to say about this, it’s an eyeliner designed for the waterline to help make your eyes look bigger. You get 1,3 grams for 2,95€.

Under Eye Concealer & Base
A concealer made just for under you eyes? How cool is that? This concealer has a delicate and creamy texture to avoid caking under the eyes, and it helps to reduce redness and dark circles. It’s longwearing, waterproof, and can be applied perfectly under the eyes with the sponge applicator. You get 4 mL for 3,95€. It is not vegan.

N°1 Lash Foundation and Base
This is a base to be used before mascara application. It will define and lengthen your lashes to make your lashes look even better after using mascara. You get 12 mL for 2,95€. It is not vegan.

Maxi Volume Eyettention Mascara
Mascara for super volume without clumping! The brush on this is what really makes it special. This formula is also safe for contact-wearers! You get 12 mL for 4,25€. It is not vegan.

Multiplying Eyettention Mascara
Another new mascara in the Eyettention range, this one promises to seperate and define your lashes while giving them a nice curl and a lot of volume. This is also contact safe! This product is not vegan, and you get 12 mL for 4,25€.

Panorama Eyettention Mascara
The last addtion to the Eyettention line is the Panorama Mascara. This mascara is supposed to give you that false-lash look without the falsies. It helps with volume and lash compression, to make your lashes look fuller and longer. Also safe for contact wearers, it is not vegan, and you get 12 mL for 4,25€.
Waterproof Eyebrow Pen
Okay, before I describe this to you, take a look at the photo. This thing is huge! I’ll never be able to use this on my brows, the tip is far too large. I am so confused by products like this! P2 recently came out with a similar product that  I ranted about. Stop making thse damn things so big! Anyway, this is a waterproof brow pomade in a stick that is long-lasting and smear proof. This product is vegan, you get 1,8 grams for 3,25€. 
Metallic Kajal
These are really nice eyeliners, I have tried quite a few of them. This new blue is totally gorgeous! The Metallic Kajals are long lasting with a creamy formula and a ton of pigmentation. This shade (070) is vegan, you get 0,3 grams for 2,95€.

Ultra Slim Kajal
I absolutely love these liners, in fact, this is what I use to tightline my eyes. The formula is amazingly creamy and glides on without any issues. Neither of the new shades are vegan, and you get 0,05 grams for 2,45€.

Contour and Glide Kajal
There isn’t a lot to say about these, they are water resistant, retractable eyeliners. I like to formula on these too, in fact the white eyeliner is what I use in my waterline. Neither shades are vegan, and you get 0,3 grams for 1,95€.

Waterdrop Brow Liner Waterproof
I can’t speak for the formula on these because I didn’t even know they existed until now. I’ve never seem them before! They do look nice, but the tip seems to be at an odd angle. The new shade is vegan, and you get 0,2 grams for 3,45€.

Brow Gel Filler Waterproof
I’m not a big brow gel user, I’m currently experimenting with the P2 Beauty Voyage Brow Gel, so before I’ll pick up another one I’m going to continue with that. I do like the brush on this one though, it seems like the perfect size for my semi-thin brows. This formula is also waterproof. Shade 030 is not vegan, and you get 6 mL for 3,45€.

Intense Color Eyeliner Waterproof
Intensely pigmented waterproof eyeliners with a waterproof formula. The ultra-thin brush tip will make it easy to achieve the perfect winged liner. Shade 050 is not vegan, and you get 3 mL for 3,65€.

Soft Matte Kajal
Matte eyeliners in pretty pastel shades. These are also long-lasting and creamy for easy application. Neither new shade is vegan, and you get 0,3 grams for 2,95€.

N°1 Eye Shadow
The last product for this segment are the N°1 Eyeshadows. These have an integrated primer, and have matte and shimmer finishes. They are easy to blend and build up for a perfect eye look Shades 066, 067 and 105 are vegan, 065 is not. You get 2,5 grams for 1,95€.

That’s it for the eye products! We have one more post coming up a few hours after this one, stay tuned to learn all about lip products from Trend it Up!

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