Trend it Up Spring Update: Part 4

Here it is guys, the last post for the Spring Update! I have to say I’m thankful that there wasn’t as many products this time around as there were last year, that series really took a lot out of me! Anyway, we’re wrapping things up with some awesome new lip products! Let’s get started!

New Products 


Velvet Sense Lipstick Pen
These are cute little lipstick pens with a creamy formula that will give you a soft velvet finish without drying out your lips. The color selection on these is gorgeous, especially that dark berry shade. I can’t wait to try these out. They are not vegan, and you get 2 grams for 3,25€.

Metal Shine Liquid Lipcream
Metallic liquid lipsticks with a highly pigmented formula. I don’t have any info on wether or not these are long lasting or if they dry down, but I would assume they do if they’re anything like the other lipcreams from Trend it Up. That red shade is to die for! I’ll have to check out the formula before I fully decide, because we all know how much I hate sticky lips! 020 and 030 are vegan, 010 is not. You get 5 mL for 3,45€.

Matte Lip Powder
I’ve tried some of these lip powders from other brands before, they’re not my favorite thing. They tend to look really dry and yucky on the lips, plus they’re super messy. These come with a sponge tip applicator, and they are great for an ombre effect on the lips. 030, 040 are vegan. 010, 020 and 050 are not. You get 0,8 grams for 4,25€.

Mattifying Lip Finish
This is a topper for your lipsticks to make them matte. I don’t like products like these, I find they tend to smear my lipstick all over the place before actually making it matte, which kind of defeats the purpose of the product. You get 7 mL for 2,95 and it is a vegan product.



Ultra Matte Lipstick
New shades for the old formula. These are kind of just okay for me, I don’t find that they have very much lasting power, but the colors are nice and they are very pigmented. You get 4,2 grams for 2,25€ and none of the new shades are vegan.

High Shine Lipstick
I don’t have much to say about these, I don’t wear them so I can’t vouch for the formula. According to my information, these are highly pigmented lipsticks with a high-shine finish. They are infused with Avocado Oil to nourish your lips. None of the new shades are vegan, you get 4,2 grams for 2,25€.

Ultra Matte Lipcream
I love these, they are honestly some of my favorite products from Trend it Up. I own all of them, and I can only imagine that I’ll buy these to add to the collection. They dry down perfectly without drying out my lips and they stay on all day long. Plus, you really can’t beat the price. All of the new shades are vegan, and you get 5 mL for 3,75€.

High Shine Lipgloss
I don’t really need to say much about these, we all know how I feel about lipgloss. You get 5 mL for 3,25€ and none of the new shades are vegan.

Color & Butter Lipstick Pen
These are high-shine lipstick in a pen that will give you a full wash of color, but will not dry down and will not last a long time. I tried these out and I couldn’t get over how patchy it is right on application, and how quickly it smears and moves around. No thanks! You get 2,5 grams for 3,25€.

Contour and Glide Lipliner
I use these liners all the time, and I really love the formula. They have a great color range, they’re easy to use and glide on comfortabley. There are a ton of new shades coming out, which I’m super excited for. 236, 245 and 461 are vegan, the other shades are not. You get 0,3 grams for 1,95€.
Okay guys, that it from Trend it Up this time! Stay tuned for the Discontinued Products list, coming up later in the week! Thanks for reading, XO’s

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