Goodbye for Good: Discontinued products from Trend it Up

Long time no talk my friends! I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long, I was sicker than I’ve ever been in my life for the last week! It honestly felt like I had the plague or something. But I’m recovering now and back to my regular posting schedule. The only thing that’s going to be different this week is my YouTube upload schedule. We’re having major internet issues and I’m going to try my hardest to get videos up, but with the internet going in and out a few times per hour, I can’t promise anything. Okay, now that updates are out of the way, let’s talk about makeup!
Last week I gave you all the details about Trend it Up’s brand update (coming up in March), so this week I thought we’d start off with what’s leaving us. Out with the old and in with the new, perfectly fitting for Spring! If any of these products interest you, make sure to write them down so you can grab them when the sale goes live at DM. Unfortunately, I don’t have any dates for when the sale goes live, but as soon as I see it or hear something I will make sure to post on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to let you know. So, let’s check out these good-as-gone products from Trend it Up!


First up are the normal collection eyeshadows. These shades are all being replaced in the new update, but if any of these colors are your thing I suggest you hop on these before they’re gone. Shades 040, 070, 090 and 100 are being discontinued. 070 is shimmery and the other 3 are matte.

These shadows were released in the update last year, and now they’re getting the boot. I like these just fine, it’s just the colors aren’t anything spectacular, and I already have a million shadows just like these. The metallic red is gorgeous, though, perhaps if the sale marks them down enough I’ll pick that one up. All of the Scarebo shadows are being discontinued, all shades are shimmery.

If you never gave these palettes a second look, I promise you’re really not missing anything. The formula on them is terrible, they don’t blend well and they are super powdery. I wish they would release them again with a new formula because, for people on a budget or beginners, these could be a really nice deal for the price. I wouldn’t waste my money if I were you! Both palettes are being discontinued, and both are a mix of mattes and shimmers.

I never really bothered to take a look at these, so I can’t speak for the formula. I actually don’t know if I’ve ever seen them before..oops! Anyway, only one shade is being discontinued. It’s a really pretty blue, and these do come with a sponge smudger on one end to help you create that smokey look. These might be worth the sale price, but I can’t tell you for sure.

All of the Eyedorable mascaras are being discontinued and replaced with new formulas and brushes. I’ve never tried any of these either, so I really can’t give an opinion on them. The eyedorable volume, the ultra black, the lengthening and definition, the extension and curl and the false lashes mascaras are all leaving.

Does the tip of this liner look weird to anyone else? It looks like some kind of ball of the top. Maybe it’s just a bad picture? Anyway, this is a fine liner, but I have better ones that I depend on. The formula isn’t as black as I’d like it to be, and it needs at least 2 coats to be really opaque.

Both versions of the ultra black eyeliner pens are being discontinued, which doesn’t really bother me because I experienced the same issue with these as I did with the liquid liner. I do however use a great liner from Maybelline that looks exactly like the XL pen from TIU, but the formula is much better.

I love how precise this brush is, but I can’t vouch for the formula. I never tried any of these before, so I really can’t say much. It is waterproof, I can tell you that!

Two shades of the amazing Contour and Glide liners are leaving, and I have to say I’m relieved they’re not the black or white liners. Those are the only liners I’ll tight line with. They glide on amazingly smooth without irritating my eyes, smudging or bleeding. I may pick these two up if they reduce them enough.

These liners are so pretty, I love pastels! I haven’t tried them on my eyes before, but I have swatched them and they seem pretty nice. I love the pink shade, especially around the Spring time. The gray, on the other hand, I would probably pass on.

This is something I’m undoubtedly going to pick up for a really special St. Patrick’s day tutorial (it’s my second favorite holiday after Halloween). I love that these come with a smudge sponge on one end, and the color pay off really goes above and beyond a lot of other metallic liners from the drugstore. Grab this before they’re gone.

These two Ultra Slim kajal are also leaving us. I love the tip on them, but I’m not super crazy about the formula or the colors. If you can find one close to your hair color, these would make a great brow definer!


I’m really not a fan of these lipsticks, I don’t ever wear high-shine anything, I guess I just prefer the matte lip look. The colors are really nice, though, and the color range is being expanded even more with the new update. Cool!

This is a formula I’m on the fence about. It is matte, but it is semi-hard to apply because they tend to be dry. The red color is really pretty, so maybe I’ll give these one more try.

My favorite drugstore lip liners! These have an amazing formula, they are super creamy and glide on the lips perfectly. If I can, I’m going to pick up all of these shades just in case I need them at some point. I can only imagine these will get pretty cheap when the sale hits, considering the normal retail price is next to nothing.
Three of the high shine lip glosses are leaving. I dislike these, they always turn into a sticky gross mess for me. The colors are nice, and I will admit they look lovely over the ultra matte lip creams, but I just can’t get over the stickiness.

These are my favorite matte liquid lipsticks from the drugstore. I love the way they feel on the lips! They dry down perfectly matte without drying out the lips. I have all of the shades of these, but I may pick these up for back ups just to be safe.

The oil infusion lipglosses are yet another pass for me. I don’t think I need to explain why.
I actually tried these just the other day while I was shopping for the new Essence collection (more on that later). I don’t know if it was just the tester or what, but these were totally GROSS. The ones I tried were goopy and waxy, I just couldn’t stand the formula. No thanks! all of these are leaving coming up in March, so if you like them I suggest you stock up.

I never tried either of these, but I really like the way the red looks. From what I can gather from the description, they are infused with avocado oil and cocoa butter, so they’re not matte. I have no other information, so buy at your own risk!


Since we all know how I feel about nail products (check out my nail polish rant from last month). I’m not going to say anything about the nail products, but I will tell you what shades are leaving.
Shades  240, 250, 310, 370, 410, 420, 430 and 440 from the double volume and shine polishes are leaving.

Someone call Simply Nailogical! They’re discontinuing the holo polishes! All 4 shades are being pulled.
All of the shades of the metallic dust polishes are also leaving.

Shades 050, 101, 150, 190 and 260 from the N°1 Polishes are being pulled.

All 3 Pastel Perfection polishes are being discontinued.

Shades 040 and 050 of the Soft Matte Polish collections are leaving.

Shades 050, 070, 090 and 100 of the UV powergel polishes are leaving, but a lot more are being released.



I’m so glad this powder is leaving, I’ve been confused by it since it came out. Why would anyone use a pink setting powder? I like the translucent powder, but this pink shade is just silly.

Two shades of the powder blush are being discontinued. These are both really pretty peachy shades, perfect for Spring and Summer!

And the last product we’re going to talk about is the Skin Supreme compact powder in the shade 040. TUI is releasing 2 new shades, 035 and 045 to replace this one. I find these to be a bit too powdery, they tend to make my makeup look extremely, overly matte. If you have oily skin you would LOVE these powders.
So those are the products leaving us this time! Are you going to buy any of them before they go away forever? Leave me a comment below!


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