Denim Dreams: the Injeanious collection from Trend it Up

Hello again everyone! This week we’re all about Trend it Up! TUI is releasing a ton of new collections, and since they sent me their information first, they get the spotlight for this week. I get a lot of press releases from a lot of different brands. This doesn’t mean that they send me stuff (sometimes they do, but I will always tell you in a review if it was sent to me). I receive special newsletters that give me information about launches and collections before anyone else can get it so that I can share it with you. I publish my posts on a first-come-first-serve basis, so whichever information I receive first, is what I post about first. Just in case anyone was curious about my system, there’s a quick explanation. Anyway, let’s talk about makeup, shall we?
Trend it Up is releasing two new collections after the update in March. One of the collections will only be available in select DM’s, and the other is available in all of them. I have no info on which DM’s will get what collection, so if you’re interested in either of them, I suggest you check your local stores, or you could check online. Dm has a great online shop! Anyway, this time we’re talking about Injeanious, a collection focusing around denim. This collection will be available on the second of March to the 29th of March of this year, and as I stated before, only in select markets. Let’s get into the product breakdown!

Denim Nail Polish


First up we have some nail polishes that go on matte and have a denim-effect on your nails. There are 5 colors available, blue, mauve, lilac, red and gray. You get 11 mL for 2,45€. Not much else to say about these, I don’t paint my nails! The formula for all 5 shades is vegan.

Velvet Delight Lipstick Pen


These lipstick pens have a velvet matte finish and are formulated to last up to 6 hours. We know what happened the last time someone promised 6 hour wear…looking at you Catrice! Anyway, there are 4 shades; 010 mauvy pink, 020 dark mauve, 030 brown and 040 pinky red. You get 3,9 grams for 3,95€, the formula for all 4 shades is vegan.

Powder Eyeshadow Pen


Powder eyeshadow with a sponge tip applicator inside a little tube, not really my thing. These are shimmery, and available in 3 shades, 010 beige, 020 blue and 030 brown. You get 8 grams for 3,95 and the formula is not vegan. I’m really not into powder shadow tubes, I just find them to be super messy. I also don’t like applying shadows with a sponge, it tends to pull on my eyelids.

Velvet Brow Pen


Another brand producing an eyebrow pencil that’s too big for anyone’s brows. What the actual f*@k? I mean I guess if these type of pencils are your thing, you can be happy because these don’t cost much, but I just don’t understand. Anyway, if you’re interested, you get 2,9 grams for 3,65. There are two shades, 010 taupe, and 020 dark brown. These are not vegan.



Now, these are something I could maybe be interested in. These are 4 blushes combined into one, so they can be mixed or applied separately. I think the colors are a bit too small to be applied individually but to each their own. There are two shades, both all pink just one a shade or two darker than the other. Not much variation in these. You get 7,2 grams of product for 4,25€, and the formula is vegan.
That’s it for this collection, stay tuned for Friday; another new collection is being launched! Thanks for reading, XO’s.

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