Celebrate your Femininity; LE from trend IT UP

Happy Friday readers! I’ve got another treat for you today, a second limited edition from Trend it Up! The only issue I’m having with these frequent launches is they seem to be coming out at the exact same time…so who gets what? How do we know which collection we’re going to be getting at our local stores? I suppose its luck of the draw, depending on which collection you’re interested in. There’s also always the online option, but I prefer to physically go and buy makeup in the store. Anyway, let’s talk about products!
This collection is really the beginning of the spring collections, and we can finally start moving out of the cold and into the new. TIU is celebrating femininity with berry tones, high-gloss textures with touches of metallics and mattes. This collection will be available in March, as with the first LE from Wednesday.

Metallic Nail Polish


First up, just to get them out of the way, are the Metallic polishes. They colors are gorgeous, but I find them to be a little bit dark for this time of year. I’m more into pastels for spring. There are 3 shades, 010 purple, 020 dark pink and 030 brown nudes. You get 11 mL for 2,25€, and all 3 shades are vegan.

Matte Nail Polish

More nail polish? Ugh…boring! These are 3 nuances of the Matte polish that TIU keeps in permanent rotation, new colors to fit the theme of this collection. They are supposedly high coverage, so you don’t have to go over your nails 800 times to get them smooth and perfect. There are 3 shades available, 010 gray, 020 brown and 030 beige. You get 6 mL for 1,95€ and all 3 shades are vegan.

Shine Intense Lipstick


I believe these are the high shine lipstick formulas repackaged for this collection. Which isn’t really a bad thing, but I don’t like those lipsticks, so for me, these are a pass. The colors are also far too cool for me to get into going into the warmer months. If they had released these during the Winter, I would have been all over them! There are 3 shades available, 010 purple, 020 berry and 030 cool toned pink, You get 4,2 grams for 3,25€ and I was given no information on whether these are vegan or not.

Eye Shadow


 Unfortunately, I really have no information regarding these eye shadows. I have no idea if they’re matte or shimmer, I only have a small description telling me how great they fit with the collection. Greaaaat. There are 3 shades available, 010 gray, 020 brown and 030 light pink. You get 2,5 grams for 2,95€, and once again I have no info about this product being vegan or not.

 Eyeliner and Brush


Gel liners that dry down semi-matte on the eyes. I think the purple liner is absolutely gorgeous, I have no gel liners in any color other than black, so I really love that TIU came up with 3 new colors for this launch; 010 gray, 020 purple and 030 brown. In the liner, you get 4,5 mL for 4,45€ and I don’t know if it’s vegan. The brush is your typical liner brush with an angled head and a thin tip. The bristles are nylon, so I’m guessing this product is vegan but I’m not entirely sure. The brush will cost 2,95€.

Eyebrow Powder


This is a really interesting idea; eyebrow powder with a doe-foot applicator? The only downside I can see from my information is the color selection. All of the swatches look a tad bit on the gray side, which can be terrible for people with warm undertones, and if it’s too bad it won’t work for anyone. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see! There are 3 colors, 010 grey-brown, 020 dark brown and 030 blonde. You get 1,3 grams for 3,95€, all three shades are vegan.

Pore Filler


If this works this will be the most exciting product from this launch! I love finding drugstore pore filling primers that really work, its one of the hidden gems that I love searching for. It is supposed to fill in large pores and produce smooth skin for perfect makeup application. Let’s hope it works! You get 20 mL for 4,95€ and the formula is vegan.
That’s it for this week friends, talk to you soon and have a great weekend! Thanks for reading, XO’s.

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  1. AM I the only one noticing that the word “feminity” makes no sense? Not sure if this is on purpose but either way…it is weird

    1. Hi,
      I know it’s weirdly written! I thought it was a typo in the press release, but its actually printed that way on the store displays! Strange for sure. Thanks for reading, XO

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