What is UP at the drugstore?

Hi again friends, I hope you’re all having a great week so far. We’re finally moving into Spring; I feel like it took much longer than usual. I’m most definitely over winter. With the coming of a new season comes a lot of new launches and collections from Drug Store brands, which is all well and good, until someone screws it up. That’s right folks, here comes another MandyMBeauty RANT!

As a blogger, I rely on press information releases to provide me with the information I need about new products and launches so I can, in turn, report back to my readers. I have no information other than what is given to me, and when something gets messed up with my press info, I can’t go forward with a blog post or a video for you guys. I miss a lot of launches because someone forgets to send information to me, the information is wrong, or something goes wrong on the retail side of things. But more than anything, what really grinds my gears, is when I have a specific date that a collection is supposed to be released in stores, and it’s not. Or even worse, I have a date and the collection goes up a week or two before the date it’s supposed to.

Now some of you may be asking “Why does it matter so much? You can get the products earlier that way”. And in a way, you’re right. I can get them earlier than I expected, but when I have no idea that the collection is being released early, I often end up just stumbling upon it on a shopping trip. Which, in turn, makes it very possible that most items will be sold out before I even get the chance to look at them. Here on MandyMBeauty, I try to review as many items as possible from collections to give a more comprehensive review. But when I get to the store, see the new display, and see that over half of the items are gone, it makes it hard to do a thorough review.

The blame for this (usually) doesn’t fall to the cosmetic company. It falls on to the stores that are putting these collections out before the date specified by the company. See, what happens is, the stores receive their shipment of product usually 4-5 days before it’s supposed to go out, so they can prepare the display and make sure they have everything they’re supposed to have. But, some stores can’t seem to wait long enough, and they put the display out long before they’re supposed to, much to the dismay of the cosmetics companies.

For example, the Essence Spring/Summer update was supposed to come out on February 20th, but the DM store near me had it out a week before that. In an effort to try and prevent this, Essence didn’t send out all of the products that were supposed to be launched on the 20th, so DM only had a fraction of the products they were scheduled to get. They decided it would be better to install the new displays COMPLETELY EMPTY, rather than wait a few more days. I would have had no idea this collection was available had my husband and I not been bored and walked into the city for some fresh air. I received the information that this collection would be available on the 20th, and we planned to go early in the morning on the 20th to get everything I needed to post a review. But we stumbled upon it a week too early, then ended up having to run across Germany to find the missing pieces before everything was sold out.

I know it sounds like a bit of a first world problem, but this blog and my youtube channel are how I make a living, and I schedule and plan everything about my posts for the week before hand, so this entire thing really threw everything off for me. Another example was just the other day I went to the store just to browse, and there were TWO collections that were set to be released on the second of March, plus the big Trend it Up update has already been integrated. I wasn’t planning on buying these products and wasn’t prepared to do so.

Normally I bring with me a printed list of the products that interest me in a collection so I make sure to buy what I need and not forget anything. But when I enter a store expecting to just browse and see all of the new collections are already available, it peaks my anxiety because I want to make sure I can get all of them so I can give my readers an honest review. I guess I just don’t understand why the drugstores can’t be a little more patient and wait for the date that was quoted in their press releases. It’s frustrating, not only for me but also for the cosmetic companies that receive a ton of complaints from customers because they were looking forward to something and didn’t know it was available before it was sold out.

That’s all I have to say for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you don’t like rants I apologize, there will be a normal post up on Friday for you to enjoy. Thanks so much for reading! XO’S

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