Life Is A Festival: New LE from Essence

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. This week we’re getting back to the roots of this blog, talking all about new collections from our favorite brands! Today, I’m spilling the tea about Essences’ upcoming collection, and the rest of the week I’ll have more brands to talk about. We’ve gotten quite a few LE’s from Essence these last few months, haven’t we? That tends to happen around the spring and summer months, a lot of brands jump at the chance to create products focused on summer activities. This collection is all about Festivals, which sort of reminds me of the P2 Festival Spirit collection from last year. Are we seeing a repeat? What do you think?

Hair Fragrance

Okay, so, this first product seems silly to me. If you want your hair to smell good, wash it. If you don’t want to wash it, use dry shampoo. Or hell, use perfume if you really need to. But why would I spend my hard earned coins on a perfume just for my hair? Does this seem strange to anyone else? Maybe not strange, but definitely EXTRA! This contains oils that are supposed to be good for your hair, however, it doesn’t specify which oils it contains. The retail price is 3,29€ and the name is 01 you’ll never moonwalk alone. (What?)

Eyeshadow Stick

Not a lot to say about these, Essence released Eyeshadow Pens every other collection, and I have yet to find one that I like. Plus, these colors are just boring. I’m tired of the same colors over and over again. The retail price is 2,49€ and the names are 01 never miss a chance to dance and 02 live, love, laugh!

Finger and Body Jewellery Tattoos 

These are really cute, to be honest, I don’t know if I would wear them, but they are so adorable. I especially love the little arrows and peace signs. I want to try and get to the pool quite a bit this summer (maybe go from ghost to golden too!), so I don’t know if these would be a waste if they wash off too easily. These will retail for 1,99€ and the name is 01 wild heart, gypsy soul.

Velvet Matte Lip Top Coat

I love the idea of these lip toppers that make everything matte, the thing is, though, I have yet to find one that actually worked. Every time I’ve tried a product like this my lip product smeared everywhere before drying all over my face. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ll check this one out so I can let you all know how it works out. These will retail for 2,29€ and the shade is 01 great memories last forever.


I have little to no info about these lipsticks. I don’t think they’re matte, I think they’re the regular Essence formula is new colors and packaging. Which, by the way, is adorable. I think that’s my favorite part of these lipsticks. I don’t think these colors really match the warmer months. Especially the dark purple. I prefer light nudes and pinks or something dramatic and neon in the summer. Maybe that’s just me. There are 3 shades, 01 good vibes only, 02 stay hippie! and o3 live, love, laugh. They will retail for 2,29€.

Nail Polish

The packaging on these are cute, but the colors are boring. I have all of them from different collections already. Yawn! The shade names are the same as above, and these will retail for 1,99€.

Peace Concealer Palette

Hmm, didn’t Essence just come out with a concealer palette? I’m a little bit confused upon why Essence is repeating products collection after collection. I guess this one is differently colored, but still. Anyway, this palette contains nude, brown and peach tones for concealing. It will retail for 2,49€ and the name is 01 a piece of peace.

Duo Blush

I love these duo blushes, the Essence Exit to Explore ombre blush was the prettiest blush I’ve ever bought from them, so I’m hoping this one looks just as good as that one. The compact contains a neon shade and a normal pink shade for mixing or wearing on their own. The blush will retail for 3,29€ and the shade is 01 hippie hippie hooray.


Okay, this time Essence swung me into buying this bag. Look at it, it’s SO cute! How could you not love it! Definitely great for parties or heading the beach. This bag will retail for 2,99€, and the name of it is 01 bohemian like you.

Festival Hair Jewellery Tattoos


The last product in this collection are the hair tattoos. These are normally really popular, especially with people who enjoy going to festivals. I’m not one to wear things like this, but they are really cute! The retail price is 1,99€ and the name is 02 do more what makes you hippie.

This collection will be available starting in April and will leave stores in May. I hope you enjoyed this post and will stick around to read some more! Thanks for reading, XO’S!


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