The Power of Makeup: New products from Alverde

Happy Friday my beauties! Are you all as ready for the weekend as I am? We have an event to attend at my husband’s college and some company coming over, so it’s going to be a busy one for me. Before the hecticness of the weekend kicks in, I thought we would sit down and talk about some new products from Alverde, the natural cosmetics brand that is sold in DM. I don’t know much about this brand, I haven’t used many of their products. I  do own an anti-redness concealer from them that works pretty well, but a lot of the time I end up being allergic to something in their products. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a try! Let’s talk about the products!

Automatic Eyeliner

3 shades of automatic eyeliner that are formulated with natural waxes to help them glide on the eyes and be comfortable to wear. They are also water resistant! Unfortunately, the colors here are a little bit boring for me, especially considering how many brown, black and gray eyeliners I already have. These are made with all natural ingredients, but they are not vegan. You get 0,3 grams for 1,75€.

Lash Extension Duo Mascara

One side of this mascara is a primer that will nourish, lengthen and separate your lashes, giving you the perfect base for the actual mascara. The mascara is deep black and contains lactic acid fibers to extend your lashes and add volume. I think this sounds like a great idea, except for the whole fiber thing. I’m never too hyped about using any kind of fibers on my lashes, they just end up looking spidery. I’ll take my Kiss lashes and be done with it. This formula is vegan, and in both the primer and the mascara you get 6mL. The retail price is 4,45€.

Eyebrow Gel

The only information I really have about these gels is that they contain organic Jojoba, and they are available in a few different colors already and 03 ash blonde is the new shade. I love my brow gel that I’m using currently, so probably another pass from me. These are vegan, and you get 6 mL for 3,95€.


3D Effect Lipgloss

There really isn’t a lot to say here, its shimmery lipgloss. Pass. Vegan, 5mL for 2,95€.

Sugar Lip Scrub

Now, this is something I like the idea of, but I can also make it at home for cheaper than this…another pass! Even though I do love lip scrubs. This one is formulated with raw sugar, olive, and almond oil to exfoliate the lips. It is scented with vanilla and coconut, so be careful if you’re sensitive to those fragrances. I have a great recipe for lip scrub coming up in a future post, so stay tuned for that before you buy one! This is not a vegan product, and you get 8 mL for 2,45€.

Tinted Lip Balm

Lip Balms infused with Vitamin E, Jojoba and Almond oil for super moisturized lips with a hint of color. They are scented (flavored?) with Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry and Apricot. These are not vegan, you get 4,6 grams for 2,95€. (I’m loyal to Link’s Peculiarly Perfect Peanut Butter Peppermint Lipbalm, sorry!)

Matte Lipstick

I can already promise you these will not be matte. Or the finish will be matte but do not expect liquid lippies wear out of these.  I say that because these are formulated with Sunflower and jojoba oil…so how is that matte? The colors are nice, though. You get 3,17 grams for 2,95€.


These are new colors of the old formula, not a lot to say about them. You get 0,3 grams for 1,75€. They are not vegan.

Color and Care Lipstick

Alverde has always had the color and care lipsticks, but they are now being re-released with a new formula and new shades. These contain Jojoba and Almond oil, natural minerals and ruby powder to give intense color. The previous lipsticks and the other ones in the green packaging aren’t being discontinued. You get 4,6 grams for 3,45€. They are not vegan.


Powder Foundation

A powder foundation with light-reflecting minerals will provide you with smooth skin with a natural finish. These are available in 3 shades, although they don’t go very light or very dark. That’s typical with Alverde, though. You get 10 grams for 3,95€ and these are vegan.

Loose Powder Foundation

Another product formulated with jojoba oil, light reflecting minerals and factor 6 (whatever that is) to give you a natural finish. Again, the range is not huge for these powders. This is basically the same thing as the powder above, just loose instead of pressed. You get 9 grams for 4,45€, this formula is also vegan.

Cream to Powder Foundation

I don’t have a ton of info about the formula on these, I do know it comes with a sponge (that fact is mentioned 4 times in the press release), and I know that it has medium coverage. The shade range is still ridiculously small. (This is a big reason I don’t buy this brand!). You get 11,5 grams for 4,45€. This formula is vegan.

Gel Makeup

Oh Lord, here we go with another gel-mousse foundation. I apologize to everyone who enjoys products like this, but it feels like I’m putting whipped yogurt on my face and it makes me queasy. Ew. Anyway, these are formulated with soft-focus pigments to help blur imperfections, and it is also a matte foundation. You get 16,5 mL for 4,45€.

Perfect Cover Foundation and Concealer

A two in one product, with high enough coverage to be used both as a concealer and a foundation. I don’t have much information other than that. You get 20 mL for 4,45€ and these are vegan.

Mattifying Makeup

These foundations are specially formulated for combination or oily skin. It has medium coverage, refines the pores, absorbs oil and makes the skin matte. Those are big promises from a drugstore foundation! You get 30 mL for 3,95€ and these are also vegan.

Color and Care Foundation

This is a new color of the same foundation Alverde has always had. This may be a new shade, but it’s still not dark enough for anyone of any race other than caucasian. How stupid. You get 30 mL for 3,95€ and it is vegan.

Hydro Primer

An oil-free primer with salicylic acid and aloe vera to hydrate the skin without turning it greasy. It looks to me like it’s formulated with silicon, but I don’t have any information to confirm that. You get 30 mL for 3,95€. This formula is vegan.

Illuminating Powder

This is a mineral highlighter with natural light reflecting minerals. You get 9 grams for 3,95€, and this is also vegan.

Baked Blush

I’m going to start going through these a little bit quicker now! These are baked blushes, formulated with rosemary extract. You get 13 grams for 3,95€. These are not vegan.

Rouge Tint and Highlighter

This is a liquid blush/highlighter although please don’t use a dark red tint as a highlight people! They contain shimmery pigments to give off a nice bit of glow. This is vegan, and you get 10 mL for 2,95€.

Makeup Remover Oil

This makeup remover is formulated with 6 different oils and vitamin E. I prefer Micellar waters to remove my makeup, so this is a pass. I hate the feeling of too much oil on my face. It is Vegan, and you get 10 mL for 2,95€.

Face Correcting Duo

A two in one primer and foundation. Two shades, both too light again. Damn it. This contains peach extract and the usual oils (alverde uses a ton of oil). You get 30 mL foundation and 1.6 grams of primer for 5,25€.

Professional Serum Foundation

I love the idea of this, except these types of foundation are normally light to medium coverage, which I don’t like. This one is formulated with Vitamin E, Peach extract, and Jojoba oil, that definitely leans towards light coverage. It comes with a glass pipette, which is another bonus. There are 3 shades like all the foundations. This is a vegan product, you get 30 mL for 5,25€.

Magic Effect Makeup

Foundation formulated with skin care ingredients, including vitamin E and apricot extract to balance the skin while providing light to medium coverage. The shades of this one seem a little bit red to me, so I doubt any of them would match my cool undertones. They are vegan, you get 30 mL for 5,25€.

Professional Magic Effect Rouge

This product is formulated the same way as the foundation, just tinted to be a blush. It also contains light reflecting pigments to give a soft glow to the face. There is only one shade available. You get 30 mL for 5,25€ and this is also vegan.

Contouring Palette

Two shades of powder contouring palettes, which again look really red to me. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think anyone would be able to wear these. You get a highlighter and two contour shades, and they are formulated with jojoba and berry wax. You get 7,5 grams for 5,25€.

Micellar Water

I love micellar waters, but I can tell you now the one I buy is a much better deal. Here, you get 100 mL for 1,95€. I buy the Garnier Micellar water for 3,00€ and I get 400 mL in a bottle. Don’t waste your money!

Anti-Age Spot Concealer

This concealer has a serum on one end and the concealer on the other. It only comes in one shade, so if it doesn’t work for you, you’re kind of SOL. It contains Chamomile Extract and Tea Tree Oil. It is Vegan, and you get 5,5 mL for 3,95€. Each side contains 5,5 mL.

Pure Beauty concealer stick

Concealer formulated with Arnika and Camomile extract, Tea Tree Oil and Zink to help control redness. You get 2 grams for 2,25€. This product is vegan.

Mattifying Compact Powder

This is a powder with Soft-Focus Effect to help blur imperfections in the skin. It is formulated with all of the usual skin care ingredients that all Alverde products come with. You get 10 grams for 3,75€. It is also vegan.

Pure Beauty BB cream

We all know how I feel about BB creams, so I really have no opinions on this. It is formulated with all the same stuff as usual. You get 30 mL for 3,95€, and the product is vegan.

So that it for this new launch! Sorry, this ended up being such a long post, I thought there were just a few products. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend! XO’s


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