15 Pink Years: live.laugh.celebrate! collection from Essence

Hello again everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to jump right back into a new collection from Essence! We’re being spoiled with awesome new products this year because Essence is turning 15! Can you believe it? 15 years of amazing products at drugstore prices. How awesome is that? We’ll be getting surprises and treats all year long. This collection I’m really excited for because it’s just so pretty! Let’s check out these gorgeous items, shall we?

 4/8 Palettes

As you probably remember, at the end of February, Essence released new DIY palettes for you to fill up with the new form of their eyeshadows. For this launch, we’re getting special edition palettes! The lids are filled with multi-colored pearls so it looks like confetti falling every time you move the palette. I think this is an adorable idea, and I can’t wait to fill these up with the awesome new shadow shades that are also being launched! The four palettes will cost 1,49€ and the 8 palettes will cost 1,99€.


We’re getting 10 new shades of the DIY palette shadows with mixed finishes from shimmery to matte. The shades are 01 best friends are forever, 02 having a good time, 03 life is beautiful, 04 it’s my birthday, 05 T.G.I.F, 06 celebrate good times, 07 the sun is shining, 08 girls just wanna have fun 09 vitamin sea and 010 I’m the lucky one. I can’t tell from the photos what is matte and what is shimmery, so I apologize for that! Each shadow will cost 1,49€.

Lip Powders

Just like the last launch, Essence is releasing lip powders and a lip base. I’m still not sold on the originals that came out, but I’m always willing to give them a try since usually Essence products work out pretty well for me. There are two shades of powder and one base; the base is called 01 let’s get it started and the powders are called 01 crush on you and 02 everybody dance now! Both powders and the base will cost 1,49€.

Glitter Lipsticks

We have two glitter lipsticks, which look really really pretty but you can really only wear glitter lips at really specific times. They are available in two shades, 01 bring on the bling (silver) and 02 I’m a party queen (purple).  Each lipstick will cost 2,79€.

Shimmer Blush

Two new blush shades are being launched, and these will also fit into the DIY palettes. I really like the look of these, so I think I’ll give them a try! The shades are 01 rhythm of the night and 02 blush up your life. Each shade costs 1,49€.

Makeup Bag

Calling all Holosexuals! Check out this awesome bag! It actually looks like it would fit something, instead of those silly little bags that usually come out with collections like these. The bag will cost 3,49€. Someone call Simply Nailogical!

Mini Makeup Brush Set

A cute little 4 piece set perfect for traveling. Inside, you get a powder brush, a flat eyeshadow brush, and eye shadow blending brush and a lip brush. These also feature glitter on the handles, just like the rest of the collection. These will cost 3,99€.

Face Powders

Also fitted for the 4/8 palettes, a highlighter and a fixing powder are being released. I think I’ll pass on the fixing powder. I have both the original size Essence fixing powder, and also the small version for my DIY palette. The powder is named 01 party proof. The highlighter looks really nice, though. I want to make sure to test that it’s an actual highlighter, though, instead of a light colored powder like the one from the original launch. The highlighter is named 01 my special highlight. Both powders will cost 1,49€.

Those are all the products for this launch! I can’t wait to see this in stores, I really love collection special edition items! Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll talk to you on Wednesday! XO’S


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