Major Fail: Why I Didn’t Buy Anything from Catrices’ New Collection

Hello again friends! I hope your weekend was fantastic! Daniel had most of the weekend off, so we got some important errands done and had a great time shooting our bows! While we were out this weekend, I ran into the Catrice x Marina Hoermanseder collection again, which brings me to this post. I have a semi-love/hate relationship with Catrice. They tend to be a little more expensive than Essence, and sometimes, it’s justified. However, this collection was not. Let’s talk about the individual products and the reasons why I passed on it.

Highlighter Brush

So the major part of why I dislike this brush is the price. It’s a rather small, cheaply made brush, but the want to charge 4,49€ for it. Essence, on the other hand, charges around 2 Euro per brush, and in my opinion, they’re better quality than this one was. The shape of this brush is just weird, I really can’t imagine using it for anything, let alone highlighting. The bristles were also really scratchy, and it just wasn’t worth paying 5 euro for.

Makeup Bag

There was nothing really wrong with this bag, but it’s not even big enough to fit all of the products in this collection, so I feel like it is just kind of a waste of money. I guess it’s cute and you can carry your money in it as a wallet, but for makeup products, it’s just impractical.


I have this issue with a lot of Catrice lip products, but these are just far too sheer. They are more like tinted lip balm than a lip color. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if the damn things didn’t smear around like water. It completely stained my white sweater after touching it. So, not thanks.

Eyeshadow Palette

I was really excited about the packaging when I first saw this online, however, it really wasn’t as great as I expected it to be. It was far smaller than small, in fact, that Daniel thought it was a contour palette. The colors are also dull, and with the pan being so small with no separation between the colors, I can’t imagine it working out very well for anyone. Sorry.

Cream Blush Ball

I was also really intrigued by this packaging when I posted the first time, and I still think the packaging is really really awesome. However, the product inside is just…terrible. It goes on patchy, then blends away to almost nothing, but what is left is patchy and waxy. Cream blush is a finicky thing, and a lot of brands can’t get it right (even higher end brands), so that didn’t really surprise me.

Nail Polish

I have no opinions on these other than the colors are ugly.

Highlighter Pearls

These were okay, they gave a very soft glow, and I just have too many highlighters and no room left in the drawer for this bulky packaging.


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