Another Exciting New Brand: RL de Young

Happy Wednesday my beauties! Today we’re going to talking about a new-to-us brand, RL de Young! I’ve recently been in contact with the PR company that represents this brand, and through them is how I can bring you this information. RL de Young is a brand exclusive to Rossmann stores, which is why I’ve never spoken of it before. I have no idea if I even have a Rossmann near me, so brands that are exclusive to them really aren’t on my radar. After finding them, though, I  can’t believe the prices! Everything seems (I say seems because I’ve never actually tried anything from RL de Young) really awesome for prices even cheaper than Essence! Today we’re talking about the new products launching soon, but in a future post I will go more in depth on this brand and it’s products. Let’s get started!

Glow and Shine Powder

Okay, I’ve been looking at this, and I think I’ve concluded that they are highlighting powders. I’m not entirely sure based on the shades, however, according to the description and the fact that they are called Glow and Shine powders, that’s what I’m assuming. The information says you can use the shades alone or together as one shade. There are two new compacts being released (I don’t know how many already exist), 01 soft glow (vegan), and 02 beach glow. In each compact, you get 9 grams of product and the retail price is 2,99€.

Stay-4-Ever Lipsticks

These remind me a lot of a lipstick that Manhattan used to sell with the one side being the pigment and the other being a gloss/locking agent. There are 5 new shades, and I’m not entirely sure which ones are matte and which ones have other finishes, however, I can say that the gloss is supposed to keep the lipstick in place for a long time, so you don’t have to keep reapplying it. The gloss is also formulated with oils and natural minerals to nourish your lips while keeping your lips looking beautiful all day long! There are 5 shades available, 01 deep magenta, 02 warm red, 03 sparkling purple, 04 foxy red and 05 light coral. In the pigment side you get 3 mL and in the gloss side you get 4 mL and the retail price is 2,49€.

Crystal Pigments

Oh my goodness, look at that glitter! These almost remind me of M.A.C pigments they’re so pretty! Unfortunately, I don’t have very much information about these, but I can tell you that they are gorgeous and if you can get your hands on them you should check them out! There are 3 new shades, 01 mermaids dream, 02 desert island and 03 silver quest. These are all vegan, and the retail price is 1,99€.

Those are all of the products I have to share with you this time, but stay tuned for an in-depth look at this new-to-us brand! Thanks for reading, XO’s

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