Perfect for Spring: Satin Nudes LE from Trend it Up

Good afternoon beauties! Who else is ready for the weekend to finally hit? I know I am. We’ve got another cold going around in our house, so we’ve been pretty wiped out for the last week. Makeup can always make me feel better, so let’s talk about a new LE from Trend it Up! This collection is all about nude shades, which are perfect for a soft, fresh look for spring!


Here we have 5 new shades of high-shine lipsticks. They also contain shimmer particles and are said to have a creamy, high-pigmented formula. As per usual, there are no names for these, but the colors are 010 rosy pink, 020 brown nude, 030 fuschia, 040 brick red and 050 purple. Some of these shades aren’t really nudes, however, they are really pretty! This formula is not vegan, and you get 4,2 grams for 2,95€.


I believe this is the normal Trend it Up lipgloss formula, just with added shimmer and new colors. These are supposed to be highly-pigmented, however, I can’t speak for the formula because I’ve got no information from the PR release and I also have never used a lipgloss from this brand. There are 5 shades, 010 mauve, 020 pink, 030 brown nude, 040 lilac and 050 light purple. These are not vegan, and you get 5mL for 3,25€.

Nail Polish

Okay, so here’s a bit of news on my end: I have decided to start doing my nails more often! Last week I tried out the SensatioNAIL at-home gel manicure kit, and I absolutely love it! It keeps my polish perfect for weeks, and you can use any alcohol based polish that you want! It’s really awesome. So, since I can now keep polish on my nails for more than a few hours, I think I might check these out. These are all shimmery polishes in 5 nude shades, and I am LOVING the pinks in this range. The shades are 010 light purpley-pink, 020 light pink, 020 light purple, 040 mauve and 050 grey-purple. You get 11 mL 2,25€ and this formula is vegan.

Eye Shadow Palette

This palette is totally gorgeous, isn’t it? I love the mauve tones that are carried throughout. I honestly don’t think I have a palette that looks like this one! I don’t have information on the finishes in this palette, but judging from the rest of this collection, I would guess they are all shimmer. I could be wrong, though. You get 6 shadows, each containing 0,8 grams of product. That equals a total of 4,8 grams for 4,95€. This formula is not vegan.

That’s all I have for you today! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading, XO’s.

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