7 Day Chip Free Nails Without A Top Coat?

Hello again beauty lovers, today we’ve got some news from Catrice, another drugstore brand that we all know and love. I was starting to wonder why we haven’t heard anything from them recently until this huge launch dropped! This one is really exciting, so let’s not waste any more time and start talking about the products!

Catrice is releasing an entire line of 45 polishes that are said to last up to 7 days without a topcoat!

First of all, 45 shades?! That’s a ton! There really is a great range from deep reds to pale nudes here, so everyone can benefit from this launch. And if the formula really does what it says it does, we’re in for a treat!

Based on the information I was given, these polishes are formulated with GLOSS SEAL’R technology, which uses Acai Oil for a high-shine and lasting finish. That’s all the formula info I have so far, so I guess we will have to try to believe! The fine print states that these are worn best with a base coat, though.

The new polishes also have a new “professional” brush, but unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of it to share with you all. Also included in the new polishes is a professional cap system, which I also don’t know anything about. Like, at all.

If you want to make your polish last even longer, Catrice is also releasing a gel top coat that will make your mani last up to 10 days. (Hint: If you use Sensationail it will last up to 3 weeks!)

Each polish will run you 2,99€ and you can grab the topcoat for a nice 3,49€. If you’re a polish junky, these might be interesting to you. For anyone interested, I have no info about the polishes being vegan or not.

I know this post was a little bit short but I wanted to get the information out for you guys so you can be informed about making a purchase. I plan on picking some colors up to review them either in a future post or a video. Thanks for reading, see you on Friday! XO’S

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