Beauty Code: A New LE from Rival de Loop PLUS big news from Sephora!

Happy Friday beauties! I don’t have much of an intro for this post because I know basically nothing about this brand, but before we talk about that, I have some super exciting news!

For all my beautiful German readers, we all know how much of a struggle it is to get awesome American beauty brands without paying hundreds of Euro for shipping, right? Well, no longer will we have to deal with that, because SEPHORA is launching in GERMANY!

I don’t know if you all have seen this already, I think it was even on the news the other day, but in case you didn’t, Sephora is opening a ton of new stores all around Germany! In May of 2017, Sephora will be launching 14 new stores in Stuttgart, Mainz, Münich, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Oberhausen, Aachen, Wiesbaden, Berlin, Heidelberg, Köln, Bonn, and Hamburg. I don’t have a ton of details yet, but start writing your shopping lists girls!

Okay, now on to today’s topic: Rival de Loop is launching a new collection! This is another brand that is only available at Rossmann, which I’ve never been to, so I really can’t speak for it. I can, however, report the information I received in the press release, so let’s get started!

Strobing Palette

So here we have a highlighter palette with 3 semi-shimmery shades. I have no information on formula, but if you’re asking my opinion, these are some strangely colored highlighters. I mean, bright pink and dark brown? It would make more sense to me to market this as a contour or sculpting palette, but I guess I can’t make those decisions. The palette contains a total of 10 grams of product and the retail price is 3,49€.

Banana Powder

Ah Banana Powder, the one beauty item that still eludes me. I mean, obviously, someone who has the same skin color as a piece of paper can’t have anything to do with banana powder, so, unfortunately, this is another product I can’t speak for. According to the description, this banana powder is great for every skin tone (um, except ghosts, sorry), and will correct redness and even out complexion. Uh, am I reading this right? Have we forgotten color theory, or even looking at a simple color wheel? It what universe does yellow counteract red? Not the one I live in, for sure. Anyway, if you can use this product, you get 9 grams for 2,99€.

Bouncy Blushers

Who is naming these products?! Am I crazy or something? These are BRONZERS. BRONZERS. Not blush! What the hell is happening? Okay, okay, calm down. These are supposed to have a “vibrating texture” (WTF does that even mean)? and have a powder to cream texture. There are two new shades, hot punch, and terracotta. They look basically the same, just one has a cool undertone and the other is warm. They will cost you 2,49€. Please, if any of you buy these, send me a message and tell me what the hell is going on with them. WHAT IS A VIBRATING TEXTURE I’M SO CONFUSED.

Multi-Coloured Correcting Powder

Essence came out with one of these in their last collection, so did P2. I’m really not impressed with products like these. I have yet to see any color correcting come out of the other two powders that I already own, so I’ve basically given up on finding one that actually works. If you do like these products, you can pick this one up for 2,99€ per 9 grams.

Primer Spray 

A transparent (what other colors would it be? Is there colored primer water that I don’t know about?) primer spray that will keep your makeup on longer and give you smooth skin underneath your foundation. It has a light texture and dries quickly, making it perfect to spritz on before makeup application. This product is Vegan, you get 50 mL for 2,99€.

That’s all I have for you guys this week, I hope you all have a great weekend and I’m excited to share more awesome products with you next week! Let me know in the comments what’s on your Sephora shopping list. Thanks for reading, XO’S.


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