Method Cleaning Product Review

Happy Wednesday everybody! Before I get into the real post, I want to have a minute to rant about some things. Recently, as I’m sure most of you know, I switched my blog from Wix to WordPress because I was supposed to have design work done and have more control over my blog. Well, as I’m sure you can see, there hasn’t been very many changes to my blog, and that’s a whole different story. The issue I’m having is with WordPress. The server on this website is overloaded almost constantly, which makes it to where I can’t log in to write a post anymore. I can’t log in to do anything, so I’m stuck writing my posts in Word and copy-pasting them into my blog. I’ve been so frustrated by this that I’m starting to wonder if anyone has any suggestions for a different host. I  work really hard to post consistently, and WordPress is getting in the way of that. Anyway, let’s get on to today’s review.

A few weeks ago, Method sent me a few of their products for testing and review. Today I’m finally going to be reviewing them after I’ve had some time to test them out. I want to thank Method one more time for being so great and sending me stuff to test. I really appreciate it!

Who is Method?

Method was founded by Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan in 2000. Their mission was to create cleaning products without dirty ingredients, and thus, Method products were born. These are household and personal cleaning items that contain no chemicals or harsh, “dirty” dirty ingredients, and they are also designed to be pretty, so you don’t have to hide them under your sink. I was sent 4 products to review, so let’s talk about them!

Method Hand Soap: Pink Grapefruit & Waterfall.

Okay, first of all, this soap smells INCREDIBLE! It literally smells like they squeezed grapefruit into a bottle and sold it as soap. It’s all natural and plant-based, so you can use it around children, food, and pets without worrying. The packaging is also super cute, and I love the way It looks on my bathroom sink. It also makes my hands feel really clean without drying them out, which I find with a lot of other soaps. The smells linger for quite a while, leaving my hands smelling delicious for over an hour after using it. A win-win if you ask me! Waterfall is my favorite out of the two, and it’s the one I currently have in my bathroom. It smells like summertime! These soaps smell just as good (if not a little bit better) than my Bath and Body Works soaps! Did I really say that?

Method Dish Soap: Clementine

Wanna know what I hate the most about doing dishes? Having to pick up the nasty soap bottle, drop it in the sink because it’s slimy, and be splashed with dish water! Yuck! With the Method soap, you won’t have that problem anymore! Who knew something as simple as a pump would make such a big difference! My husband even asked me to keep the bottle when it goes empty so we can refill it. That’s how awesome it is, even Daniel likes it! I don’t think I need to mention how amazing this soap smells, because, I mean, we’re talking about Method. But I do need to tell you how clean it will get your dishes. Being a plant-based soap, I was semi-sceptical about how much power it really would have, but if you’re looking for squeaky clean dishes with no streaks, you’ve come to the right soap! It even cut down the time I have to soak dishes with stubborn stains by at least a few hours. This is some serious stuff!

Method Universal Cleaner: French Lavender

The best way I can attest to the greatness of this product is that Daniel hates the smell of Lavender, but used my first bottle up and went and bought another. We don’t use any other kind of cleaner anymore! This can seriously deep clean basically every surface in your house, all with no chemicals or dirty ingredients. It smells so good, and the smells hang around for a long time, so it’s like an air freshener and all-in-one cleaner! You can use it for glass, wood, work surfaces, tiles and stone without worrying about chemical damage to your home. This cleaner will cut through grease, hard water stains, ANYTHING. It’s honestly the best natural cleaner I’ve ever used, and I personally feel really good about using it in my home.

The best part about Method products is that they don’t cost an arm and a leg! The hand soaps cost 2,99€, the dish soap costs 2,49€ and the universal cleaner only costs 2,99€! Method products are available in the U.S as well as Germany, I’ll leave you with some links so you can check them out for yourselves!

Thanks so much for reading, check out Method here:

Or here:

See you all on Friday! XO’S

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