Glitter and Rainbows: Unicorn LE from Rdel Young

Hello again beauties! It’s finally Friday, although this weekend isn’t full of very much excitement for me. Daniel is working all weekend and my in-laws are heading off for a week of vacation, so I’ll pretty much be alone. .But I’m used to that. Anyway, before we talk about this new collection, I have to issue an apology. I have been using the wrong name for this brand for the last few posts. For some reason, I’ve been calling it RL de Young when the actual name is Rdel Young. I have been misreading the name on the packaging of the products, and I apologize for that.

This collection seems to fit in with every makeup brand out there right now. It’s all about Unicorns and Mermaids. Which is fine, I’m just not one to jump at the idea of being a mythical creature or centering my entire makeup collection around them. There are some cute products here, though.

Nail Polish 

There isn’t really anything super special about these polishes, other than the fact there’s a sticker with a unicorn on it. They are glitter polishes with white glitter and silver glitter. The shades are sooo fluffy! and rainbow drops. One cool thing is that these polishes are vegan, so you can feel good about buying them. You get 8 mL for 1,69€.

Shimmer Cream

So I’m guessing based on the description that this is a highlighter, but I have no swatches or anything to go off of. The tube also has a unicorn on it. It is supposed to have ultra-fine, light reflecting pigments and can be used on the face and body. This product is also vegan and you get 10 mL for 1,49€.

Rainbow Highlighter

I’m not sure if I even need to get excited about these highlighters anymore because every brand has released one in the last few months. It’s basically the same as any other rainbow highlighter that any other brand has. It’s not vegan, you get 9 grams 2,99€.

Lip Butter

This is actually pretty cute, the packaging a lot nicer than the other products we’ve talked about so far. This is a vanilla flavored lip balm with rainbow glitter mixed in. You get 15 grams for 1,79€. This product is not vegan.

Eyeshadow Palette

I honestly think is a really cute palette. It reminds me a lot of the ABH Moonchild glow kit. There are 6 shades in this palette, each with a metallic glow effect. You can use them as eyeshadows, highlighters or on your body. You get 13 grams for 3,49€. This palette is not vegan.

Nail Stickers

Not much to really say, just some nail stickers with unicorns and rainbows and other things. There are 40 stickers in each pack and the pack will run you 1,49€. These are vegan.

That’s all for this week beauties, I’ll see you on Monday! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s video!

Thanks for reading, XO’s

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