Hues of Blue: Cool Breeze LE from trend IT UP

It’s that time again beauties, another new collection from trend IT UP! I’m not going to bore you with a long intro since we have so much to talk about today. I do want to say that any date or launch information I have for this brand I won’t be reporting because the collections are never out on time. For example, the satin nudes collection is still not available in stores and we are more than half of the way through this month. This is a rather large collection with a lot of new products, so let’s go ahead and check them out.

Nail Polish

As with every trend IT UP collection, new nail polishes are being released. Here we have 6 new shades, all with a metallic finish. We have 010 blue, 020 light gray, 030 mauve, 040 light blue, 050 red and 060 dark blue. These polishes are vegan and will run you 11 mL for 2,45€.

Quattro Eye Shadow

Next up we’ve got some new eyeshadow quads. Each quad comes with both matte and shimmer shades, including a blue, a deep brown and two beige/champagne shades. I have never seen a quad from trend IT UP, so if the formula is any different I wouldn’t be able to speak for it. The eyeshadows from this brand are usually pretty decent, although not my favorite. The mattes tend to be a little dry and hard to blend, but the shimmers are usually alright. There are 3 quads being released, each with different tones for different skin colors. These are not vegan and will cost 4,95€ for 6,5 grams.


Before I tell you about the product, I’d like to point out that these shades really don’t go with this collection. It makes no sense to me, and there’s no color flow with these lipsticks. The undertones are off and it makes it look like they don’t belong with this collection. Anyway, we’ve got 3 of the normal formula trend IT UP lipsticks being launched. These have a pearl finish and are available in three shades, 010 purple, 020 pink and 030 red. These are not vegan, and you get 4,2 grams for 3,25€.

Multi-Reflection Top Coat

From what I can gather from the description, this is a transparent top coat that contains shimmering, light reflecting pigments that change colors. I want to call it holo, but I think it’s more of a duo chrome than anything else. The topcoat is vegan, and you get 3,5 grams for 3,95€.

Strobing Blush

These are pearl-finish blushes with a satin-feel formula meant to give light and soft accents to the cheeks. There are only two shades, so not very much accommodation for different skin tones here. The colors aren’t really anything I would get excited about anyway. You get 9 grams for 4,45€ and these are not vegan.

Strobing Powder

Next, we have 3 shades of highlighters with subtle shimmering pigments are meant to add a soft highlight to the face. Now I don’t know about how you guys feel, but when I hear “strobing”, I think serious, powerful highlight. But maybe that’s just me. Anyway, the shades are 010 peachy gold, 020 champagne and 030 rose gold. You get 10 grams for 4,95€ and these are all vegan.

Colored Mascara

These also have a pearl effect, whatever that means, and are supposed to maximize volume and definition. It is also supposed to have a clump-free formula. There are two shades, 010 blue and 020 gray. I’m really not a fan of colored mascaras, but these seem dark enough that they might be okay. These are vegan, and you get 12 mL for 3,95€.

Liquid Liner

These liners match the colored mascaras in this launch. They all contain sparkles, so watch out if you’re not into that look. There are 3 shades, 010 white, 020 blue and 030 gray.These are vegan, you get 2,5mL for 3,65€.

That’s it for this collection. I’m really not feeling this one, it’s just kind of plain and boring to me. What was your favorite trend IT UP product? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, XO’s

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