Fun in the Sun: Next Stop Summer LE from Essence

Before I begin this post, I want to point out something that I realized while shopping for the birthday LE from Essence this month. I went to DM in the next town over from my house and found the least part of it. Advertised with this collection were 10 eyeshadows, two glitter lipsticks, a makeup bag, two blushes, two lip powders and a lip base, a highlighter and a setting powder, and a mini brush set. I only was able to find 7 eyeshadows, the lip powders, one blush and the lipsticks. There was no bag, 3 of the eyeshadows were missing, and the mini brush set was also nowhere to be found. I looked again on my press release, and it doesn’t say that those items are exclusive to a different store, so…what happened? I also checked on, and they have the same stock as DM. I find it both strange and very frustrating.  I spend my hard earned money on this brand, and when I want to buy a product, but can’t because it’s not being released as it should be. Care to explain, Essence?

Anyway, with my rant now over, let’s moved on to the products for this new collection. Next Stop Summer will be available from May until June (if it ever gets released that is).

Wet or Dry Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Palette

Here we have 5 shades of eyeshadow that can be used wet or dry. The palette features sand and sea tones and is a mix of shimmer and matte shades. I love these little palettes from Essence, I have a rather large collection of them, so I imagine I’ll be picking this one up. The name is 01 ready for take off… and it will cost 3,79€.

Matte Blotting Paper

I don’t know much about this, but it’s blotting paper that absorbs excess oil on your face. Essence releases at least one of these during the summer months every year, so it’s really not that exciting. These will cost you 1,99€.

Sun Protect Lip Conditioner

Lip balm with SPF 20. That’s really all this is. It as far as I know isn’t scented or colored, so it’s just a lip balm. It is a good idea to add SPF to your lips during hot summer months, though. This will run you 2,29€.

Colour Changing Lipsticks

These are kind of cool and the packaging is really cute. These lipsticks change colors from purple to pink and mint to apricot. I kind of wish the mint color would stay though, I think it’s really pretty. I mean I  guess it’s not very practical, but it would be more exciting than the same shades over and over, right? Anyway, the shades are called 01 i wish i was a mermaid (purple to pink) and 02 little miss sunshine (mint to apricot). They will cost you 2,29€.

Sun Glow Top Coat

To go along with the nail polishes that we’ll see in a second, this is a golden shimmer top coat. Essence usually does pretty well with top coats and nail polishes, but this one reminds me a lot of jewelry top coat from the big brand update. Maybe it’s different, but it looks the same. The shade name is 01 be someone’s sunshine today! and it will cost you 1,99€.

Nail Polish Holder

Okay, so, this is a plastic ring that you can put a nail polish bottle in so it doesn’t spill while you’re doing your nails. I mean, we have tables to put things on, don’t we? This seems silly to me. But to each their own I suppose. It will run you 1,99€.

Nail Polish

Here are the super cute nail polishes I mentioned earlier. From what I can gather, they are not shimmery, but highly pigmented and glossy. I love the colors in this range, and the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. There are 4 shades, 01 fun is where you are, 02 vacation mood on, 03 made for sunny days and 04 no hurries, no worries. They will cost you 2,29€.

Nail Sticker

A sheet of nail stickers with fun summer designs. I think in general you get 50-100 stickers per pack, but I’m not entirely sure and I have no information on how many come in this particular package. They will cost you 1,29€ per pack.

Luggage Tag and Decoration Kit

Perfect for your summer getaway, these cute luggage tags and decorations will make your luggage look fabulous. In each pack, you get one luggage tag and a few stickers and decoration items. It’s not a makeup product, but OMG these are so cute. I’m getting a few packs for our future travel plans! They will cost 2,79€ for one pack.

Airbrush Bronze and Glow Face and Body

This product both intrigues and scares me. I have been wanting to get a fake tan this summer, mostly because I’m tired of being confused with a piece of paper, but I’m so nervous to try self-tanning products. Maybe I’ll give this one a try, but I might chicken out! So this can be used on the face and body, and it only comes in one shade. So it’s a little nerve-racking, to be honest! It will cost you 3,49€.

That’s all I have for you guys this week, hope you enjoyed and are excited about these cute summer products! Thanks for reading, XO’s!

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