L.O.V Brushes; the New Collection

It’s Monday again beauties, time for another week of news about glam! Today I’ve got a brush collection from L.O.V to share with you all. I don’t know much about this brand; I’ve swatched a few things in the store, and I’ve never been really impressed with it. I have an immense amount of brushes, so unless these are really awesome, I doubt I’ll shell out any cash for them.

There are 9 “professional” brushes in this new collection, all are made from synthetic hair. I really wish they were natural hair because finding a nice set of natural hair brushes at the drugstore would be awesome, but this way they are not harming animals in the process of making them. The collection will be available towards the middle of May.

EVENelegance Foundation Brush 

This is a dense foundation brush that will give you a natural, makeup-less makeup look. It has dense, soft hairs to seamlessly blend liquid foundation. This brush costs 9,99€.

PERFECTional Duo Contouring Brush

This duo sided brush is perfect for blending the perfect cream contour. You get a precision side to apply your contour exactly how you want it, then you can blend it out with the rounded side. This brush will run you 12,99€.

Lovly Powder and Blush Brush

Before I tell you about this brush, I want to point out that the way I spelled lovely above is how it is written in the press release, not a typo. Okay, so this is a powder brush. There’s not much else to say, it is used to blend face powder and blush. It will run you 8,99€.

The Glowful Face Definer Brush

This is a tapered brush meant to blend powder products and apply highlighter. It would be good for cheekbone highlighting, but I think it’s a little large for under the brow or the inner corner. I prefer to use my contour brush from Real Techniques for all over highlighting. This brush will run you 10,99€.

HIGHLYconfidental Concealer Buffer

Ideal for cream products, this brush will seamlessly blend in your concealer, helping to hide blemishes and red spots. To me, the hairs look a little long to be very helpful for concealer, unless it’s an actual liquid. If you’ve got a thick cream concealer, I would try something else. This one will run you 7,99€.

The Visionist Eyeshadow Shader

A flat eyeshadow shader, meant to add shadow to the lid. Not a lot else to say about this one. It does seem that the smaller the brushes get, the cheaper they become. This one will only cost you 6,99€.

Harmonic Eyeshadow Blender

One of my favorite makeup brushes, a fluffy eyeshadow blender is an essential brush for your collection. These brushes are perfect for creating a beautiful, blended makeup look. This brush will cost you 6,99€.

BlurreDESIRE Smudger Brush

I think we all know what this is for! If you don’t, brushes like these are meant to blend or smudge out eyeliner and eyeshadow to create a smokey look. I usually use a pencil brush to smudge, but this looks like it could be a nice tool for the job. This brush will run you 6,99€.

LIPlure Lip Brush

This brush is meant to apply lip gloss or lipstick. It is flat and has dense hair for a smooth application. Brushes like this are perfect to ensure a precise application of lip products.

Personally, I think for a line of drugstore makeup brushes, these are a little bit too pricey. I would rather up the price a little more and go for a set of RT brushes. I’m sorry this post was a little short, I just don’t know what to really say about brushes! Hope you enjoyed reading anyway! XO’S

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