Essence live.laugh.celebrate! Collection Review

Happy Friday beauties! I have been meaning to post more reviews on my blog, but lately, I’ve been liking the video style reviews better. A video on this collection will be up on my channel tomorrow if you’re interested in watching it and seeing some swatches! So before I review the individual products, I want to point something out. If you read my first post about this collection, you’ll remember that there were supposed to be a makeup bag and a mini brush set released, along with 10 eyeshadows, 2 lip powders and a base, two lipsticks, 2 blushes, a fixing powder and a highlighter, and 2 palettes. When I went to purchase this collection, all that I found was 7 eyeshadows, one blush, one lip powder, the glitter lipsticks and the palette. I went to 3 different DM stores to see if anything was different, but it wasn’t. The lipsticks are DM exclusive, but it doesn’t say anywhere that anything else was exclusive. This seems to be happening more and more with Essence, which is why I’ve come to the conclusion that I will no longer be purchasing anything from this brand. I will of course still report on new releases for all of you, but I will not personally be buying from Essence. Therefore, this will be the last collection review that I post. I’m just over being lied to about release dates, products, ingredients, and everything else. I’m sorry if this disappoints anyone, but I have to break away from Essence for my own sanity. If they fix things in the future, I will consider going back, but for now, I’m done.

Okay, let’s get on to the review.


The 4/8 palettes are just like the normal ones, just they have these little colorful balls that roll around in the lid. That’s really it, I haven’t had any issues with it, it just kind of sits there. Meh.


Just like normal Essence eyeshadows, I don’t really care for any of the shades here. They are all so similar to the permanent rotation shadows, they have basically no pigment, they’re dry and bland. They don’t impress me, and to be honest, the 3 shades I’m missing because they apparently were never released, are the only shades I was interested in. The others are just boring to me.

Lip Products

Again, these are basically the same as the ones that were released with the brand update. The colors are almost the exact same. I didn’t like the original powders, so these weren’t great either. They feel weird on the lips and look like powder when they should look like normal lipstick.

Glitter Lipsticks

These are the one part of the collection I think is cool. I was a little skeptical of these because I figured it was a normal lipstick mixed with glitter, or worse case a glitter overspray. But no, these are 100% glitter. Like no joke, all the way to the core, silver and purple glitter. They aren’t very practical, but they’re kind of fun. However, they will dry out your lips, so be careful!


I only have one shade of the blush, and it’s basically the same story as the eyeshadows. There’s no pigment, it’s dry, and it goes on patchy. The color is really nice, but if you can’t actually use it, it won’t do you much good.

Face Powders

Don’t waste your money on these, they are the exact same as the powders that are always on the shelves in different packaging. A waste.

So as you can see, I’m not a fan of this collection, and as I said before, this is my farewell to Essence. If anyone from Essence wants to contact me and explain to me what the hell happened here, my email and other contact information can be found in the sidebar. Thanks for reading beauties have a great weekend!

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