Asianication: The New Collection from Catrice

Happy Monday everybody! Before we talk about this new collection, I want to let you all know that although there will be the regularly scheduled blog posts and videos going up, for the next week I will be MIA from all social media platforms. Daniel has a week of vacation for the first time in almost 6 months, so I’m planning on spending all my time with him while I can. So, I’m going to put up a calendar on my Instagram which will tell you what posts and what videos are going up on what days. Okay, so let’s talk about this collection, shall we?

So, the first thing I notice here is the name. It seems a little…tone deaf, doesn’t it? Asianication? Maybe it’s just me, but that seems to be an inappropriate name for a makeup company to use, especially when it’s marketed to Caucasian people, and run but Caucasian people. Also, there’s nothing new being launched. We’ve got the ombre lipsticks which have been around for a long time now, we’ve got the cushion lipsticks that we’ve seen for the last few collection, and we’ve got brow pencils that have also always been around. So, what’s so special about these products? Why call it a collection when it’s just a re-labeling of old products? Nice try Catrice, but this is already a hard pass for me. Also, I have no information on the prices of these items, no information on shade names, nothing. I was just given the photos. Sorry that this post is going to suck a little bit.

Cushion Eyeliner

So, this is the only “new” product that is being launched here. Unfortunately, this is the same eyeliner that Essence released in their brand update a few months ago. Like, literally exactly the same. The same package, same marketing. I mean, it’s not really that surprising, considering Catrice and Essence are sister brands, but c’mon, do something new.

Cushion Lipsticks

Same story, different colors. I have officially run out of things to say about these. They’re sticky, gross lip-glosses in these weird tubes with a cushion on top that gets instantly stained with the product. No thanks.

Ombre Lipsticks

I’ve got nothing new to say about these either, I’ve posted about them at least 3 times, including a review. So, they’re new colors, hooray. Boring.

Brow Pencils

I have no idea if these are new, or the colors are new, I just have no clue. Catrice already has brow pencils, so what’s the point of these? I mean yeah, they have a thin tip and a spoolie, but they only come in 3 colors, 2 of which are almost identical. What the hell is going on with these drugstore brands? Catrice is heading more and more towards Essence quality, and I’m not into it. Sorry, not sorry!

That’s all I have to share with you this time, sorry that this post kind of sucked, but I can’t report anything other than what I know. So, there you go. See you all on Wednesday with a better post (hopefully). Thanks for reading, XO’s

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