More Candy-Scented Makeup: Like Candy LE from Alterra

In case the new Alverde candy scented collection wasn’t enough sugary-sweet crap to nauseate you, we’ve got you covered with another LE from Alterra. Alterra is a natural cosmetics brand that is sold at Rossmann and Müller. These cosmetics are formulated from all natural and organic cosmetics, and the brand is cruelty-free, but not vegan. The products from this collection that are vegan will be labeled as such. Let’s get into this before my stomach ache gets any worse.

Nail Polishes

So here we’ve got 4 shades of nail polishes that are “5 free”, meaning they are free from phthalates, toloul, formaldehyde, camphor, and rosin. They are not one-coat and go polishes, 2 coats are recommended for opaque coverage. The shades are Coral Candy, Peach Candy, Candy Crush and Turquoise Candy. In each bottle, there is 8 mL, and these are all vegan. The retail price is 3,49€ per bottle.

Lip Gloss

2 colored lip glosses with a “wide comfort applicator”. They are formulated with coconut oil, organic shea butter, and organic argan oil. We all know how I feel about lipgloss, so this is already a pass for me. The colors are nice, but sticky lips are not. In each tube, you get 6 ml for 2,99€. These are not vegan.

Bronze and Contour Powder

Okay, so this is basically a mosaic bronzer that is meant to give you a natural finish while providing contour and bronzing to the skin. Mhm, sure. Anyway, it’s formulated with organic coconut oil for some reason, and it’s supposed to last a long time. In the compact, you get 9 grams of product for 4,49€. This is another vegan product from this line.

Color Correcting Highlighter

I’m confused by this product. I don’t want highlighter all over my face, which is where I put tone correcting products. So, this has a “light glow”, but still, why? Why not make a highlighter and a color corrector? Someone make sense out of this, please. Alright so in here you get 9 grams for 4,49€. This is not vegan but is formulated with all natural ingredients.


We’ve got 2 mascaras here, one black one that is formulated with coconut oil (why must everything contain coconut oil now wtf) and has a fine brush for defined, extra black lashes. The second one is a mascara and a topcoat in one in the color turquoise. Both have been tested and contact lens compatibility is confirmed. In each mascara, there are 9 ml and it will run you 3,49€. They are also both vegan.

Okay, so maybe this collection has less to do with candy than I thought, but I’m still really sick of the whole “unicorns, rainbows, candy!” bullcrap that every brand is coming out with right now. It makes me want to vomit. Can’t we just have makeup? Why do we need all this “glitter ponies and unicorns!” stuff? Grow up.

Anyway, thanks for reading and see you on Friday! XO’S

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