A Few New Things at Rossmann

A few new things at Rossmann: eos and Rival de Loop

The weekend is finally here again, and to celebrate we’ve got 2 new collections to check out! Normally, I would save one of them for next week, but since there are so little products in each collection, I figured I would combine the two and come up with something totally new for next week. This post is probably going to be a little short; as most of you know I’m on vacation as you’re reading this. I’m going to give you all the details I have though! Let’s get started.

Rival de Loop Profi Nail Polish Collection: The Summer Edition

Alrighty, so first up we have a new set of the Rival de Loop professional nail polishes perfect for the summer. I, unfortunately, have never used these products before, so I can’t really speak for the formula. And honestly, I’m sure I like the look of them. Judging off the pictures that I have, they seem to be a little watery, and the colors aren’t that great either. To each their own, but I don’t feel like I need any of these. Perfect for summer? Hmmm, no. Spring maybe, but when I think summer I think bright, neon, warm shades. These are much more muted and pastel.

So we’ve got 9 shades; Cloud, Cotton Candy, Summer Rose, Hot Pink, Strawberry, Golden Sun, Silver Lights, Sky and Lavender. I don’t have any information on the finish of these polishes, but I’m guessing they’re all either glossy or shimmer.

Here are the shades:


Cotton Candy

Summer Rose

Hot Pink


Golden Sun

Silver Lights



What do you think? Do they look interesting to you?

Now we can move on the other new release from Rossmann, eos lip balm.

We’ve got 2 new lip balms being released for the summer months. Each balm is formulated with UVB and UVA protection and SPF 15 (the grapefruit balm has SPF 30!),  which is actually really important for your lips ALL THE TIME, not just in the summer. UVA rays are still around, even when it’s snowing! Protect your skin beauties! Anyway, these balms, as with all eos balms I believe, contain Shea butter, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E and are free from parabens and mineral oils. We’ve got a lemon flavor and a grapefruit flavor. Each balm contains 7 grams of product and they will cost you 5,99€.

I’m sorry this post was so short, I hope I can get back to longer posts and better content soon! Please remember, I only have the info provided to me. See you next week, have a great weekend! XO’S

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